553 Killed and Executed in Iraq as Militants Attack Kirkuk


Islamic State militants attacked
the predominantly Kurdish city of Kirkuk and nearby areas on Friday, a
day after ISIS/Daesh called on the
Kurds to cease fighting the militant group in Mosul. The commander of a
Peshmerga base near Kirkuk believes
that Daesh has been keeping sleeper cells in Kirkuk. Or, the militants may have
entered Kirkuk by posing as refugees from Hawija.

Some Peshmerga troops were forced to redeploy to Kirkuk,
where militants may still control some districts, but the situation is mostly calm. Iraqi forces are
also being sent.
There are reports
that civilians have also joined
the battled.

The attack on Kirkuk is believed to be a diversion from the
battles in Mosul. There, the United Nations reported
that militants forcibly removed hundreds of families from Najafia and Samalia
and transferred them to Mosul to be used as human shields.

At least 553 people were killed and 206 were wounded.

In Mosul, militants killed
40 civilians
on disloyalty charges. At least another 244 were
, including children.

A unconfirmed
airstrike on Daquq funeral left 17
women dead
and 50
others injured
. Daquq is south of Kirkuk.

Militants killed
16 workers
, four of them Iranian, at an Iranian power plant in Dibs,
north of Kirkuk. At least three
Iranians were wounded
. Six
militants were killed

In Kirkuk, at least 16 security
personnel were killed
, including six police officers,
and 37
were wounded
including 15 Peshmerga. A sniper killed
a reporter
from Turkmeneli TV who was covering the assault. A local news
station reported that 51
civilians were injured
and taken to hospitals. At least 40
other wounded
were reported. One civilian has died.
At least 20
militants were killed

Two suicide
were able to storm the home of Sheikh Adnan al-Bazi in Mutasim,
three people and wounding 15 more
. Bazi was the leader of a group of Sunni
tribal fighters.

In Bashiqa, four
Peshmerga were killed and 10 were wounded
. One of the dead was a lieutenant

security personnel were killed
yesterday in Bartella, which is now liberated.
Unauthorized Turkish airstrikes on Kurdistan Workers Party
(P.K.K.) targets in northern Iraq left six
guerrillas dead

Federal Police forces reported 180
militants killed
in Mosul operations.

militants were killed
in an attack on Peshmerga force at the Makhmour

In Mosul, an airstrike killed
13 militants

A strike on Sharqat left 11
militants dead

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