54 Killed in Iraq as Bombers Target Pilgrims


54 Killed in Iraq as Bombers Target Pilgrims

Friday was the anniversary of the martyrdom of the ninth
Imam, Muhammad ibn ‘Alī ibn Mūsā (al-Jawad), who died in
835 C.E. Many pilgrims were in Baghdad to visit his shrine in the Kadhimiya
district, and they may have been the targets for today’s bombers.

At least 54 were killed and 76 were wounded:

In Baghdad, at least three rockets landed in eastern neighborhoods
(including Madina Sadr, Mashtal, and Baghdad Jadida),
killing five
people and wounding 15 more
. A fire at an Obeidi
weapons facility belonging to a Shi’ite militia group is the source of the
rockets. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Elsewhere in the capital, a bomb in Ghazaliya killed
two people and wounded eight more
. Three
people were killed and eight were wounded
in a bombing at a commercial area
in western Baghdad.Five
people were killed and 20 were wounded
in other attacks on produce markets.

An attack on security forces at a base in Metabijh,
Salah ad Din province, left nine
dead and 24 wounded

Gunmen wounded
a soldier
at his home in Abu Saida.

Near Qayara, airstrikes left 21
militants dead

Security forces in Ein Sadid killed
eight militants

A suicide
bomber was killed
in Tarmiya.

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