4,245 Killed in Iraq During August

Antiwar. Com found that 4,245 people were killed and 658
were wounded
during August. In comparison, July’s figures
were 2,695 killed and 1,352 wounded. These figures are only estimates. Due to
the nature of the conflict, precise numbers are unavailable, and the true
numbers may never be known.

At least 678 civilians were killed and 493 more were wounded
in attacks. The number of wounded is likely to be higher.

One British national was killed and another was wounded in a
de-mining accident. At least 13 members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.)
were killed in Turkish cross-border operations. Four Turks were killed and nine
were wounded, when the P.K.K. launched a cross-border mortar attack from Iraqi
territory. Iraq executed 47 people on terrorism charges on three separate

Security forces lost 134 personnel, and another 141 were
wounded, but these figures are undoubtedly too low. Accounts from a cemetery in
Najaf suggest that Shi’ite militias alone could be losing about 100 members per day.

About 3,416 militants were killed, and another 115 were
wounded. Those figures were mostly reported by the Iraqi government, which
could be exaggerating the numbers or even counting civilians deaths as militant
ones. However, large-scale operations in Khalidiya and Qayara must have left significant

In other news:

Human Rights Watch issued
a warning that children in their mid-teens are being recruited by Sunni tribal
militias to fight against the Islamic State.

Iraq used its new F-16
fighters to launch an airstrike against militants in the Qaim area.

The airbase at Qayara will apparently require about
six months of repairs
before it can be used in the upcoming operation against Mosul. It was heavily
damaged by retreating militants.

At least 23 were killed and 15 were wounded:

Iraq executed
seven militants
in Nasariya.

young men executed
with chainsaws in Tal Afar.

Mortars killed
two people and wounded nine more
in Abu Ghraib.

Gunmen in Walwash killed
the village leader and wounded his son

A civilian
was shot dead
in Muqdadiya.

In Sadr City, a bomb on a bus wounded
. Two
suicide bombers were killed

In Baghdad, security forces killed
a suicide bomber

Security forces continue to kill
scored of militants in the Khalidiya region.

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