2,647 Killed in Iraq in July


At least 2,647 people were killed, and 1,048 were wounded
in Iraq during July.

During July, Antiwar.com found that 719 civilians were
killed and 814 more were injured. Security forces lost 82 personnel, while
anther 89 were wounded. Militants registered 1,846 dead and 145 wounded. Also,
20 Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) were killed in Turkish airstrikes.

Except for civilian casualties, these figures are much lower
than in June,
when 6,315 people were killed, and 1,457 more were wounded. Security forces
reported very few casualties, and the government also reported fewer militant
deaths than average.

Civilian casualties, however, were considerably higher,
thanks in part to a major attack on July 3 in Karrada.

At least 35 people were killed and 26 were wounded in
recent violence:

Militants attacked an AB2 gas compressor station near Bajwan,
four employees to death and wounding two security guards

The group then traveled to the Bai Hassan oil
station. Three militants
blew themselves up, and the fourth was killed
in a clash. One
engineer was killed and six policemen were wounded
in the attack. Another two suicide bombers
were reported.

In Baghdad, militants attacked the home of a pair of
militiamen killing
them, two women, and three children

A bomb exploded at a Tarmiya market, killing
two people and wounded nine more

border guards were killed and five were wounded
when a suicide bomber
attacked their post in western Anbar province.

A bomb near a Madaen lake left two
dead and three wounded

person was killed and another wounded
in a roadside bombing in Buhriz.

militants were killed
in a strike on Mosul.

Near Qayara, a strike left three
militants dead

A suicide
was killed in Khalidiya.

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