242 Killed in Iraq; Khalidiya Operation Succesful


242 Killed in Iraq; Khalidiya Operation Succesful

At least 242 people were killed and 10 more wounded:

Militants executed
12 people
in Hawija who were among thousands trying to escape their
rule. Airstrikes killed
10 militants

In Baghdad, gunmen killed
a currency exchange operator and wounded his friend

A suicide
attacked a Shi’ite checkpoint near Baquba, killing
a militiaman and wounding three others

About 200
militants were killed
in security operations in Khalidiya. Authorities say the area is mostly secure now.

militants were killed
in an airstrike against Albu Bali.

Peshmerga forces killed
five militants and wounded six more
in Daquq.

In Mosul, strikes left two
militant leaders dead

In Qaim, dozens of militants were killed
in strikes.

An unknown number of militants were killed
when an airstrike destroyed 17 oil tankers near Qayara.

Peshmerga forces shelled a
number of targets around Sinjar, but the number of casualties is

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