20 Killed in Iraq; Burqa Ban in Mosul

20 Killed in Iraq; Burqa Ban in Mosul

According to a spokesperson, the Shi’ite militia Harakat
has sent
about a thousand fighters to Aleppo, Syria to fight the Islamic State militants

ISIS/Daesh has now banned
burqas and niqabs when entering security centers in Mosul,
after reports of veiled women attacking their troops.

At least 20 were killed and 16 were wounded:

A mortar attack on Qayara left two
dead and seven wounded

In Baghdad, a bomb killed
one policeman and wounded four more
in the Doura district.

A blast in Mahmoudiya left two
dead and five wounded

In Mosul, an airstrike killed
15 militants

Dozens of militants were killed
in strikes north of Rutba. Military reinforcements also arrived
in the city.

Dozens more were killed
in Qaim and Rawa.

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