192 Killed, 139 Wounded in Iraq Battles, Bombings


192 Killed, 139 Wounded in Iraq Battles, Bombings

Unsurprisingly, the battle to reclaim Fallujah has slowed
amid concerns for civilians and a strong response from Islamic State militants.
The battle is expected to be long and difficult.

At least 192 were killed and 139 were wounded in
recent violence:

Although Baghdad has refused to release casualty figures for
security forces fighting in and around Fallujah, officials elsewhere are
describing significant losses. At least 70
security personnel have been buried
at a cemetery in Najaf since the
operation began. It is the largest cemetery in the world, and where Shi’ites
prefer to bury their dead. Officials in Basra say 28
local militiamen were killed
in the Fallujah fighting. Twelve
security personnel
from Najaf province were killed. Medics have
treated at least
97 wounded

For whatever reasons, the Iraqi government has long
undercounted its casualties, and this operation appears to be no exception. A
large number of civilians have also been killed, but their
numbers remain uncounted. Many cannot even reach the local cemetery to bury
their dead.

At Ghazlani camp, militants executed
13 people
who were former army officers.

A bomb in Madaen killed two people and
wounded nine more

people were killed and four were wounded
by a blast in Abu Ghraib.

In Qara Tapa, gunmen killed
two people

A bomb killed
one person and wounded nine more
in Tarmiya.

militants were killed
in Makhmour.

Security forces killed
eight militants and wounded 20 more
in Saqlawiya.

In Kubeisa, four
suicide bombers were killed

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