100K Displaced Around Mosul; 52 Killed in Iraq


100K Displaced Around Mosul; 52 Killed in Iraq

The United Nations refugee agency says
operations leading up to an invasion of Mosul have, so far, displaced about 100,000 people.. Camps have been set up to
accommodate them, but they are already over capacity.

The war with the Islamic State has mostly kept a lid on sectarian
between Shi’ites, Sunnis, Kurds, and several
minority groups
in Iraq. Analysts, however, fear
what will happen when these groups no longer have a common enemy.

Even though Shi’ites control the federal government,
a Shi’ite
threatens its existence.

Still suffering the effects of a chemical attack that
took place in March, 38 Iraqi Turkmen traveled
to a hospital in Ankara, Turkey for further treatment.

At least 52 people were killed and two more wounded:

An attack on Tuz Khormato left one Peshmerga dead
and two wounded
. Militant casualties also occurred.

Security forces killed
about 40 militants
during an attack on Hajj Ali.

militants were killed
during an operation in Khalidiya Island.

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