10 Types of Anti-White Commenters

One of my more masochistic habits involves thumbing through the New York Times, an expression that has been saved from dead metaphor status since you can read the news on your smartphone. And smart people are supposed to read the New York Times, as it is a high status signifier. You can’t truly be member of Weimerica’s Brahmin caste, a Judeo-Saxon, if you don’t have that haughtily yet cautiously progressive worldview of pseudo-paternalism towards the United States. The New York Times is one such incubator of this milieu, which sees the country’s third world populations as needing uplifting and its Amerikaner goyim, those English-speaking “white” people who live beyond the Pale, as needing to be contained.

The main sections I give any attention to are Politics and The Opinions Pages, because as an Alt-Right content farmer I pride myself on having a better grip on what my enemy thinks than he has on what I think. The editorial Overton window of the New York Times is best encompassed by (((David Baruch))) and (((Roger Cohen))), who are the token milquetoast conservative and dedicated cosmopolitan elitist respectively. Op-Eds in the New York Times are for me a source of ideological research. What are these people thinking and why? Do they make any good points? What do their views say about them anthropologically, socially, ethnographically, etc?

Something immediately familiar to anyone who writes about politics or ideology is that their audience frequently ends…

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