Video: Obama Urged to Take U.S. Nukes Off High Alert Before Trump Takes Office

1227 – A leading arms control organization is calling for President Obama to take U.S. nuclear missiles off high alert before President-elect …

Via Youtube

  • PJ London

    These people do not understand English. “enhancing nuclear capability” does not mean increasing the number of bombs.
    Many steps would increase the US capability, the same steps that the current president has been taking, or is he spending billions each year on the Nuclear weapons and reducing the US capability.
    The stupidity never stops.

  • Gilfavor

    Why are the silos and subs on ‘High Alert’ in the first place ?

    • obongo obozo oboy

      maybe they know Barry won’t leave peacefully :) besides, HIGH ALERT in the Air Farce means that “you’re HIGH while on ALERT” hahahahhahahahaha!!! acid heads the whole lot of them!