• Occam’s Razor

    Cool. Maybe they’ll learn something, quit their corruption.

    Hey, did you know that “Britain” means “land of the covenant” and “British” means “people of the covenant” making “Great Britain” the old New Jerusalem? …did you know Israel considers US the New Jerusalem, NY and Chicago conquered, they’ve got their sights on California now, Texas is falling… Look at the names of cities on Long Island (Babylon, Jerusalem, etc.) Do your research, it’s in their “bible”, and their bible says that “God” will make their land “great”, Britain the only country on Earth with the word “great” in it. The British isles are where the Israelites settled after being kicked out of Egypt.

    Also, did you know the whole conflict in the middle east is based on “dreams”/delusions of grandeur and “visions”/hallucinations a man had thousands of years ago, a mysterious “God” that gave “Israel” Palestine? …do you think that argument will hold up in a legitimate court of law? no. …”your honor, I had a dream last night GOD gave me all of the US. The next day I had a waking vision it was all mine.”

    …oy. We have been lied to badly!

    Google “Brother Nathanael” for info about the crimes of Israel — the evidence is now megalithic, open and shut…fraud, theft, corruption, treason, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. …what kind of “God” is that? …evil…making great britain the great evil, israel, their little evil.