Video: Days of Revolt: The Death of the American City


In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges speaks with two esteemed labor activists from Detroit about the desperation caused by industrial …

Via Youtube

  • Dan

    To Chris Hedges: Americans will never revolt. They are too brainwashed to accept whatever is done to them with, love of the systems and institutions of their beloved nation . They blindfold themselves with their flag. Poncho Threetrees said: Patriotism is to a citizen what alcohol is to a lady. The more you have the stupider you become, and the easier it is to f&%k you.

  • Mick McNulty

    If the people in charge had been happy to earn a million instead of multi-millions the system could have ticked over for many more decades if not forever. What’s so bad about earning a million a year for the next twenty or thirty years?