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Video: Protest Poem Against Corrupt Politicians


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BBC Pushing Lies & Propaganda For The Royal Family

Royal baby born

I had to record this for you, it's the BBC Breakfast show and demonstrates that, even when they attempt to appear balanced, the BBC ridicule, lie and distort the truth on behalf of the British Monarchy. Disgusting display of "journalism".

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Video: How The Broadcast Media is Controlled – Part 1


Mick Meaney speaks to veteran investigative journalist Tony Gosling about how the broadcast media is controlled by the corrupt elite.

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Video: How The British Government Destroys Children’s Education


Mick Meaney speaks to a school teacher about how the British government is destroying children's education.

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Video: PRISM is barely scratching the surface…


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Video: The Department of Homeland Security’s War on Freedom

Chicago Hit With Protests Leading Up To NATO Summit

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Video: Phone Users Monitored Without Consent


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Video: How Schools Are Selling Your Children’s Privacy


A little known corporation has built a super-database containing sensitive information about children's entire academic life, without parental consent.

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Google’s CIA Connections – The tip of the Iceberg


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RINF Video: Surveillance Society Update



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