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The State of Our Economy: What It Needs vs. What Washington Is Willing to Do


The economy is likely to continue to grow at a weak pace in 2016, just as it did in 2015 and 2014. (Photo: US Money via Shutterstock; Edited: LW / TO) For those who closely follow financial markets, the first ...

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‘The Big Short’ The criminality of Wall Street and the crash of 2008

By Joanne Laurier Directed by Adam McKay; screenplay by McKay and Charles Randolph, based on the book by Michael Lewis Adam McKay’s new film The Big Short is a hard-hitting comedy-drama about the historic collapse of the US housing bubble in ...

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The Internet Needs a New Economy


Just a year or so ago, Bitcoin was weird. The digital “crypto-currency” had become fairly notorious as a preferred medium of exchange for hackers, outlaws, and the most strenuous libertarians. The underlying blockchain technology — a secure, distributed database requiring ...

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London stocks trail after Bank of England’s growth forecast


The Bank of England’s forecast on growth outlook leaves London stocks in red with benchmark FTSE 100 index sliding 0.28 percent on Thursday. In its quarterly inflation report, the Bank of England said “the outlook for global growth has weakened ...

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White middle-aged people in US dying quicker than in any other developed nation — Princeton study


Nobel Prize-winning scientist Angus Deaton and Anne Case have come out with shocking conclusions that white middle-aged Americans are the only first-world group of people dying faster than their counterparts in any other developed country. According to them, this is ...

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National debt to hit $20 trillion when Obama leaves office


The total national debt in the United States is set to hit the $20 trillion mark around the time President Barack Obama leaves office in 2017. Obama on Monday signed a two-year budget deal with congressional Republicans, which averts a ...

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1.2 mn Londoners in working families living in poverty: UK study


A recently released study says that more than one million people living in working families in London are currently living in poverty. The study released by the New Policy Institute, funded by the Trust for London charity, says that some 1.2 million Londoners ...

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The Banking Industry’s Transparent Attempt to Weaken the CFPB


Elizabeth Warren You’ll never guess who’s going around Washington, trolling the halls of Congress, talking about the importance of protecting the long-term health of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The banking industry. That’s right: After years of trying to kill, ...

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Capitalism and Its Regulation Delusion: Lessons From the Volkswagen Debacle


Volkswagen (VW), we now know, systematically evaded pollution control regulations. Over the last decade it defrauded 11 million buyers of its diesel-engine vehicles, fouled the planet’s environment and thereby damaged the health and lives of countless living organisms. Regulation-defeating deception gave ...

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The Billionaire Hypocrisy of Helping the Poor


There’s one thing that both progressives and conservatives can agree on, and they can quote both FDR and Ronald Reagan on it. And that is that, “The best welfare program is a job.” FDR extended the idea to say that ...

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#GlobalGoals? The Truth about Poverty and How to Address It


Rajesh Makwana As the star-studded endorsements and media hype surrounding the all-pervasive Global Goals campaign begins to subside, a very different truth is beginning to emerge about this latest attempt by the international community to end poverty and create an ...

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Stock markets on cusp of ‘another crash’ warn financial analysts


Financial analysts have warned of another ‘crash’ in global markets after the FTSE 100 fell 120 points in just two hours of trading on Tuesday, its biggest slump since Chinese stock markets plummeted on ‘Black Monday’ last month. IG Market ...

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Global Divestment Movement ‘Catches Fire’ with $2.6 Trillion in Assets Shifted


Demand for fossil-free investment products is increasing numbers of individual and institutional investors move their money away from the dirty energy system driving the climate crisis by Jon Queally The global movement demanding that institutions, individuals, and various funds divest from ...

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These execs say psychics are helping them make a fortune

11 Oct 2005, New Jersey, USA --- Diane Fox gives Christine Slinger, a card reading. Fox will participate in the Psychic Fair benefit for the upcoming Career and Life Planning Center. | Location: Tinton Fall, NJ, MONMOUTH COUNTY, USA.  --- Image by © Noah K. Murray/Star Ledger/Corbis

Ask Gillian Oxley how she became one of Toronto’s top realtors with roughly $100 million in sales a year, and she will talk about Colette Baron-Reid. “She’s my secret weapon,” says Oxley. A client since 2013, Oxley phones Colette Baron-Reid ...

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UK government faces wildest shortfall in funding since 2012


The Conservative government of UK has experienced its wildest shortfall in funding since 2012. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said a fall in income tax receipt sent UK’s deficit spiraling to £12.1 bn in August. The situation will put ...

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Colleges Flush With Cash Saddle Poorest Students With Debt


New York University is among the country’s wealthiest schools. Backed by its $3.5 billion endowment, the school has built campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, invested billions in SoHo real estate, and given its star faculty loans to buy summer ...

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Greece Implodes


Greece became the epicenter of Europe’s debt crisis after Wall Street imploded in 2008. With global financial markets still reeling, Greece announced in October 2009 that it had been understating its deficit figures for years, raising alarms about the soundness ...

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The 2015 Global House Price Crash Accelerates


Housing markets are prone to the bandwagon effect, they continue rising when the fundamentals vanish, a year, maybe two years before. Stock market and commodity price volatility and declines are currently chronicled ad-nausea by the press without seeing the dramatic ...

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New Research Documents Growth of Extreme Poverty


by Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Peter Edelman, LaDonna Pavetti A new book by two of our nation’s foremost poverty researchers, Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer, reveals the desperate circumstances that hundreds of thousands of children and their parents increasingly face: living ...

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Pennsylvania school district faces bankruptcy amid budget deficit


Many schools in the US state of Pennsylvania are on the brink of collapse due to the state government’s failure to pay subsidies. One of Pennsylvania’s poorest school districts said it cannot afford to pay its teachers and staff amid ...

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Wall Street reporting is a joke: The Stock Market is Getting Harder to Rig


It’s entertaining to watch and to read reports in the corporate media about the current stock market decline, which over the course of the last six business days erased $2.1 trillion in the market value of stocks of publicly-traded US ...

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What Does the US Gain From the Dollar’s Special Role?


China is claiming that it’s not devaluing the renminbi to gain a competitive advantage, it’s adding flexibility to prepare for the yuan’s new role as an international reserve currency, becoming part of the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights basket ...

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How To Survive When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Thumbnail for 94372

Let’s talk about poverty. I don’t mean the kind you’re talking about when your friends invite you to go shopping or for a night out and you say, “No, I can’t. I’m poor right now.” I don’t mean the situation ...

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Do the Rich Rule the United States?

By the end of next year, if current trends continue, our global top 1 percent will hold more than half the world’s wealth. - See more at: http://inequality.org/8-ways-reduce-global-inequality/#sthash.IarjS7yc.dpuf

Chuck Collins Is America’s political system controlled by a small financial elite? One former president thinks so. Almost 40 years after he was elected, former President Jimmy Carter commented recently that our political system is now “an oligarchy with unlimited ...

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Sanding Down the Rough Edges of Capitalism Is Not Enough


The question now is whether we can peacefully change the system that has been rigged in favor of those who handsomely benefit from it.   by David Morris The catalyst for a recent column by David Brooks was a speech delivered ...

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Insider trading ring netted $100 mil by hacking press releases – feds


Federal prosecutors have charged nine people in an insider trading ring that lifted information from corporate press releases before they were made public. The Securities and Exchange Commission said related illegal trading netted more than $100 million. US prosecutors claimed ...

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Who Does Our Economy Serve? Hint: It’s not you


During a speech at New York University Friday, Hillary Clinton took aim at “quarterly capitalism,” her name for corporate the United States’ endless – and senseless – pursuit of profits. Now, Clinton isn’t exactly Elizabeth Warren, and sometimes it sounds ...

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Shame on Eric Holder, Wall Street’s Attorney General


Well, well, well. Eric Holder is returning to his cushy job at Covington & Burling where he reportedly pulled in $2.5 million the last year he was there. Holder didn’t think it was strange he was returning to one of ...

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Pope Francis Calls for Global Bankruptcy Process


WASHINGTON – Pope Francis called for an international bankruptcy process in a news conference as he left Latin America on Monday. According to the Associated Press, when asked about the Greek debt crisis, Francis stated, “if a company can declare ...

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The Power of Persistence in New York City’s Fight for Affordable Housing


The crowd of tenants was growing raucous in Cooper Union’s Great Hall in lower Manhattan on June 29. On stage, a long table awaited members of New York City’s Rent Guidelines Board, or RGB, which had been set to vote ...

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Think Greece’s Economy Is the One in Trouble?


China’s tumbling stock markets plunged even further today, intensifying fears the country was tail-spinning towards the biggest financial disaster since the 1929 Wall Street crash. Almost $3trillion (£2trn) — more than the entire economic output of Brazil — has been ...

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A 12 Step Guide to the EU’s Crisis of Political Responsibility


Why are European institutions incapable of implementing values that honour fraternity, solidarity, and a dignified life? by Donatella della Porta (Open Democracy) – Progressive social movements have long expressed support for ‘another Europe’. Their almost unanimous support for the Greek referendum’s ...

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After 6-Year Tenure Not Prosecuting Banks, Eric Holder Returns ‘Home’ to Defend Them


Critics say new position of former attorney general, known for protecting big banks, is a dramatic example of the revolving door Sarah Lazare (Common Dreams) – Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s return this week to a high-level position at Covington ...

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Greece: No to Austerity, Yes to Democracy


The people of Greece are at a critical moment as the country teeters on the verge of financial default. This is a clear case of the people against global banks and financial institutions. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy ...

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Survey: Students forced into taboo trade to make ends meet


A new study shows that an increasing number of British students are forced into adult work, gambling and other taboo trades to make their ends meet. According to a survey by Save the Student, a student financial advice website, nearly ...

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Thousands rally in austerity demonstration in Athens

A section of the Yes campaign demonstration

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. By Robert Stevens and Christoph Dreier In Athens’ main Syntagma Square, more than 10,000 people gathered Tuesday evening to call for a “Yes” vote in Sunday’s referendum ...

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Global parasitism creates conditions for a new financial meltdown

financial crisis ahead

Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. The way in which financial parasitism, fed by the ultra-cheap money policies of the US Federal Reserve and other central banks, is creating conditions for another ...

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EuroZone Profiteers: How German and French Banks Helped Bankrupt Greece


(Common Dreams) – Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister of Greece, has called a national referendum this Sunday to call the bluff of the European Union and International Monetary Fund who are trying to force his country to accept severe austerity in ...

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A Gang of Wolves Comes for Greece


The election of an anti-austerity Syriza government in Greece signalled trouble for the powers-that-be in the European Union. Principally Germany which has no interest in rethinking how the EU operates, since it serves German interests so well, but also the ...

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NSA spied on French economy ministers, companies: WikiLeaks


The US National Security Agency (NSA) wiretapped the communications of two French economy ministers and spied on the country’s largest companies, according to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, just one week after it emerged the US had spied on the last ...

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Why We Must Fight Economic Apartheid in America


Almost lost by the wave of responses to the Supreme Court’s decisions last week upholding the Affordable Care Act and allowing gays and lesbians to marry was the significance of the Court’s third decision — on housing discrimination. In a ...

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Rejecting ‘Blackmail’ Deal, Greece Calls Referendum on Bailout


(Common Dreams) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras this week called for a referendum on the financial aid deal that is currently at a standstill in negotiations, putting the future of the bailout package to a popular vote at the last ...

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US economy contracted in first quarter of 2015


The US Department of Commerce has announced that the economy contracted in the first three months of 2015 because of harsh winter weather. The department said on Wednesday that the economy shrank at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 0.2 ...

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US CEOs earn 300 times as average workers: Report


Amid growing concern over income inequality, the most senior corporate officers in the United States made over 300 times as much as the average worker last year, according to a new report released Monday. US chief executive officers (CEO) earned ...

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Europe’s Malpractice of Greece


A modern hospital is equipped with a variety of specialized wards. One of them is the intensive care unit, or ICU. Here go those who are especially sick and in need of the most devoted attention. The existence of the ...

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‘The People Will Not Be Blackmailed’: Thousands March in Athens Against Austerity


Reprinted with permission.  (Common Dreams) – Throngs flocked to Athens on Sunday to call on the ruling Syriza party to stand up to international creditors and reject further austerity measures. In the second mass demonstration this week alone, thousands of ...

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Currency Crisis: How Much Longer Until it Hits the US?

A currency crisis is coming to the US and it’s only a matter of when, not if. Many have been warning about it for years, from politician Ron Paul to economist Peter Schiff to many other voices in the alternative media. ...

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UK is ‘biggest tax haven in EU,’ says global tax expert


(RT) – British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies make up almost 25 percent of the world’s tax havens blacklisted by the European Commission. The Commission published its blacklist on Wednesday as part of its Action Plan for Fair and Efficient ...

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The Money Junkies And The Cause of Social Inequality


Via WSWS. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license. Last week the New York Times released the results of an opinion poll, conducted in collaboration with CBS News, showing overwhelming and growing popular opposition to ...

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The Rise of “Criminal Capitalism”


About 75% of US employees work 40 hours or longer, the second longest among all OECD countries, exceeded only by Poland and tied with South Korea. In contrast, only 10% of Danish workers, 15% of Norwegian, 30% of French, 43% ...

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Too Soon to Raise Interest Rates?

By the end of next year, if current trends continue, our global top 1 percent will hold more than half the world’s wealth. - See more at: http://inequality.org/8-ways-reduce-global-inequality/#sthash.IarjS7yc.dpuf

WASHINGTON – When the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee meets next week, higher interest rates are sure to be on the agenda. In an effort to reduce unemployment in the wake of the recession, the Fed has held rates ...

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US states face wide budget deficits 6 years into economic recovery


Many American states are still facing significant budget deficits even though the US economy is in its sixth year of recovery from the Great Recession. Dozens of states continue to face major funding gaps that have locked state legislatures in ...

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New York food banks running out of food: Report


Food banks across the US state of New York are running out of food, amid falling funds and rising demand from people that have trouble affording food. About 2.6 million people have trouble affording food across New York with about ...

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The Economic Consequences of Austerity


On 5 June 1919, John Maynard Keynes wrote to the prime minister of Britain, David Lloyd George, “I ought to let you know that on Saturday I am slipping away from this scene of nightmare. I can do no more ...

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A Practical Vision of a More Equal Society


Anthony Atkinson occupies a unique place among economists. During the past half-century, in defiance of prevailing trends, he managed to place the question of inequality at the center of his work while demonstrating that economics is first and foremost a ...

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Who Pays Taxes in the US? Everyone but the Super-Rich


Why are our seniors paying higher taxes on their social security benefits than billionaires pay on stocks? The IRS released a new report that reveals the staggering amount of money that the top one-thousandth of the 1% in the US ...

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Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Campaign Finance Overhaul


On Tuesday the New York Times and CBS News released one of the most in-depth surveys in recent history on Americans’ views about money in elections. The results weren’t hard to interpret: across the board, Americans agree that money holds ...

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Corporations should no longer control our food supply


Why you should ditch the official EXPO and go to the People’s EXPO instead Kirtana Chandrasekaran, Stanka Becheva (Common Dreams) – For those among us interested in how we can feed the world, we would recommend a visit to the alternative ...

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UK banking sector ‘extremely vulnerable’ to financial crisis, report warns


Britain’s financial system is “extremely” vulnerable to future crisis under current regulations, a new report warns. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) says the UK’s banking industry is the least resilient of all G7 nations. The report warns the resilience of ...

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The Federal Reserve Board’s Payroll Tax on Our Children


The Fed’s tax hikes are far more costly to ordinary workers than any conceivable tax increase would be.  The deficit hawks appear to be making a comeback, at least in the media, if not among the public at large. This ...

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US economy shrank by 0.7% in first quarter: Data


The US economy shrank at an annualized rate of 0.7 percent from January through March, according to official figures. The Commerce Department had previously estimated that gross domestic product (GDP) grew 0.2 percent during that timeframe. Friday’s report also marked ...

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Banks and Punishments

banks (2)

(Common Dreams) – And watten penance will ye drie for that, Edward, Edward? A Scottish Ballad (about a man who killed his father) Occasionally people inquire as to the different treatment of different kinds of persons in our legal system. As the ...

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The Other One Percent


(Common Dreams) – As a high school student, I came across an observation by Abraham Lincoln who said that “With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.” Today “public sentiment” would be called “public opinion.” Over the years, ...

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The Big Banks Are Corrupt — And Getting Worse


(Campaign for America’s Future Blog) – The Justice Department’s latest settlement with felonious big banks was announced this week, but the repercussions were limited to a few headlines and some scattered protestations. That’s not enough. We need to understand that our ...

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Why aren’t the banksters in prison?


Andre Damon (WSWS) – On Wednesday, five major international banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, America’s largest and third-largest financial institutions, pleaded guilty to felony charges for helping to manipulate global foreign exchange markets, paying a wrist-slap fine of about $1 ...

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Growing Global Inequality Gap ‘Has Reached a Tipping Point’


‘When such a large group in the population gains so little from economic growth, the social fabric frays and trust in institutions is weakened.’ (Common Dreams) – With the gap between the rich and poor growing worldwide, a new study by ...

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Latest Guilty Pleas Prove Big Bank Criminality ‘Rampant,’ But Jail Time Non-Existent


In announcing settlement, Attorney General Loretta Lynch calls the crimes ‘a brazen display of collusion’ that caused ‘pervasive harm’ (Common Dreams) – In the wake of Wednesday’s announcement that five global financial institutions have agreed to plead guilty to multiple crimes ...

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The deindustrialization of Baltimore

Abandoned rowhouses in Baltimore

By Nick Barrickman (WSWS) – It has been more than a month since Freddie Gray was killed in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department. The 25-year-old man’s death set off a wave of protests and isolated rioting as residents voiced ...

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Decrying Corporate Greed, McDonald’s Cooks and Cashiers Confront Shareholders


‘McDonald’s workers are rightly bringing the fight for $15 an hour and the right to form a union to their employer’s doorstep.’ (Common Dreams) – Calling for higher wages and fairer treatment, McDonald’s cooks and cashiers will gather with progressive leaders ...

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Women and Biodiversity Feed the World, Not Corporations and GMOs


(Common Dreams) – The two great ecological challenges of our times are biodiversity erosion and climate change. And both are interconnected, in their causes and their solutions. Industrial agiculture is the biggest contributor to biodiversity erosion as well as to climate ...

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In Victory for Growing Workers Movement, LA Passes $15 Minimum Wage


(Common Dreams) – The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to approve a $15 an hour minimum wage, becoming the largest U.S. city to adopt a living wage. The ordinance would boost the $9 an hour base wage to ...

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Trying to Survive in a Broken Economy (Confessions of a McDonald’s Employee)


My name is John D’Amanda, and I have been a loyal employee at a McDonald’s in Oakland, California for five years. Prior to working in fast food, I was a small business owner like millions of Americans. I made good ...

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Mind the gap: Britain’s richest are 105 times better off than the poorest


The UK’S richest 20 percent have more than one hundred times the wealth of the poorest 20 percent, with the combined household wealth of £9.1 trillion remaining for the most part in the hands of the elite. New analysis from ...

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Red tape and hidden taxes: Federal regulations cost US economy billions


Americans are increasingly trapped by the Obama administration’s bureaucratic red tape, and it’s costing the economy billions of dollars, according to two new reports from right-leaning think tanks. In 2014, the US executive branch added 27 new “prescriptive” major rules, ...

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HSBC WARNS: The world economy faces a ‘titanic problem’


HSBC chief economist Stephen King is already thinking about the next recession. In a note to clients Wednesday, he warns: “The world economy is like an ocean liner without lifeboats. If another recession hits, it could be a truly titanic ...

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Does Wall Street Call the Shots at the FBI?


It is clear to most Americans that Wall Street’s financing of presidential and congressional campaigns is creating too many pals wearing blindfolds about epic corruption on Wall Street. The President, subject to Senate confirmation, selects the U.S. Treasury Secretary, the ...

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Verizon-AOL Merger Makes No Sense

Image Credits: jeepersmedia / Flickr

Verizon Communications plans to buy AOL for $4.4 billion, according to a report in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal. The deal is the telecom giant’s latest bid to expand its business to include mobile video and advertising services. If finalized, Verizon ...

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Raising the Minimum Wage Is Step One in Making the Economy Work for the Many, Not Only the Few


A basic moral principle that most Americans agree on is no one who works full time should be in poverty, nor should their family. Yet over time we’ve seen significant growth in the “working poor” — people working full time, ...

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Why the Rich Don’t Care About Jobs for the Rest of Us


Paul Buchheit (Common Dreams) – Many of us wonder what possible reason could exist for the failure to invest in American infrastructure, to create millions of jobs as a result, and to help everyone in the long run. Analysis reveals ...

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Billionaires ‘make out like bandits’


Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday grilled Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s plan to institute a flat tax plan that experts have said would give a massive break to the wealthiest Americans. Carson said that under his flat tax ...

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Bank of England overstated March UK debt sales to overseas investors by 200%


(RT) – On the eve of Britain’s general election, the Bank of England (BoE) quietly announced its data documenting UK debt sales to foreign investors had been overstated by 200 percent for the past eight weeks. The central bank sent ...

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The Nightmarish Future for American Jobs and Incomes Is Here


What will happen to American jobs, incomes, and wealth a decade from now? Predictions are hazardous but survivable. In 1991, in my book The Work of Nations, I separated almost all work into three categories, and then predicted what would happen ...

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Bankers caught trying to buy politcial influence


Big Money is threatening to withhold campaign donations unless liberal politicians get “friendlier.” Jim Hightower Otherworlds Wall Street arrogance seems to be accelerating even faster than our infinite cosmos is expanding. It’s not enough that the greed and illegal acts of giant ...

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Gold And Silver — The U S Is A Corporation. PMs Stand In The Way.

SI W 25 Apr 15

Where have all the trillions of newly created “money” gone? Into the failed and bankrupt banking scam conducted by the elites. All world-wide monetary policy undertaken by the central banks has been for the sole purpose of protecting the failed ...

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Is the Stock Market Another Bubble?


The stock market has recovered sharply from the lows hit in the financial crisis. All the major indices are at or near record highs. This has led many analysts to worry about a new bubble in the stock market. These ...

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It’s Not the 1% Controlling Politics. It’s the 0.01 Percent.

Even before presidential candidates started lining up billionaires to kickstart their campaigns, it was clear that the 2016 election could be the biggest big-money election yet. This chart from the political data shop Crowdpac illustrates where we may be headed: ...

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We Didn’t Learn Anything From Deepwater Horizon–And We’re Going to Pay For It


Today is the fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, an event that triggered the nation’s worst-ever oil spill. The well leaked for three months and dumped over 200 million gallons of oil ...

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How the Federal Reserve Is Destroying Your Economic Future


When it comes to what goes on in the marble corridors of the Federal Reserve, Americans tend to be suspicious. For different reasons, both the right and the left have challenged Fed policies aimed at bolstering the economy in the ...

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World Bank breaks its own rules as 3.4 million people are forced off their land

Residents of the Badia East slum in Lagos, who were evicted last year when the area was razed to make way for a World Bank-funded project.

The World Bank has repeatedly violated its own policies on protecting the rights of indigenous people by funding projects that forced nearly 3.4 million slum-dwellers, farmers and villagers from their homes and jobs over the past decade, according to documents ...

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‘Bankruptcy closer every day, and you believe statistics?’

April 16, 2015. British farmer John Kopiski, Russian citizen since 1997, during the annual Direct Line with Vladimir Putin special broadcast in the main studio of Moscow

An expat Englishman, who runs a farm not far from Moscow, has grilled the Russian president and asked where Putin gets his statistics. The farmer said his farm and other dairy farmers were struggling to survive. President Vladimir Putin held ...

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Corporate Crime Is Just ‘The Cost Of Doing Business’

Big business has made it a habit to privatize profits and socialize disasters. It’s time to put an end to their destructive pattern of behavior and the rules which allow them to get away with it. “The cost of doing ...

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Protesters Slam Wall Street Elites for Profiting Off ‘Misery of Workers’

A union-supported activist group known as the Hedge Clippers disrupted a hedge fund conference in Manhattan on Monday to call out financial investors they say support poverty wages. The Hedge Clippers describe themselves as “working to expose the mechanisms hedge ...

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Who’d have thought austerity drives the rise in food banks?

3417511_550eb99c (1)

The growth of food banks is directly linked to benefit cuts such as sanctions. It blows a hole in David Cameron’s claim that the huge rise in food bank use could be down to better advertising at Jobcentres. The Oxford ...

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How Wall Street captured Washington’s effort to rein in banks


Intense lobbying of regulators, many of them veterans of the industry themselves, helped ensure that practices the Dodd-Frank law was meant to stop would remain in place. NEW YORK — In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Keith Higgins ...

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It will take 100 years for the world’s poorest people to earn $1.25 a day


If you follow international news you will be accustomed to headlines announcing that world leaders have succeeded in cutting global poverty in half over the past couple of decades. Its sounds like brilliant news, but it’s just not true. The ...

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Chris Hedges: Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations That Feed on Prisons


Chris Hedges All attempts to reform mass incarceration through the traditional mechanisms of electoral politics, the courts and state and federal legislatures are useless. Corporations, which have turned mass incarceration into a huge revenue stream and which have unchecked political ...

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Can We End the Privatization of Seeds?


Over a decade ago, Dollars & Sense published the article “Genetic Engineering and the Privatization of Seeds,” by Anuradha Mittal and Peter Rossett, on genetic modification and its impact on the world food system (March/April 2001). In it, the authors ...

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Challenging the Power of the 1%


When you are faced with the task of moving an object but find it is too heavy to lift, what is your immediate and most natural response? You ask someone to help you lift it. And it makes all the ...

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How the 1% Is Rewiring Brains and Future Generations

Though substantial, report authors say that the documented cases of corporate bribery are only "the tip of the iceberg." (Photo: Tax Credits/flickr/cc)

As usual, Republicans are doing everything in their power to help the 1% get even richer. Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, led by Paul Ryan, have voted to eliminate the estate tax entirely. The federal estate tax ...

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America’s Future: Being Crushed By A Mountain of Ever-Growing Debt

By the end of next year, if current trends continue, our global top 1 percent will hold more than half the world’s wealth. - See more at: http://inequality.org/8-ways-reduce-global-inequality/#sthash.IarjS7yc.dpuf

America, without question, is drowning in a sea of debt, barely holding its head above water. There is the massive national debt of the U.S. government, personal/consumer debt, student debt, and an increasing number of U.S. cities and states that ...

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