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Will Online Education Outgrow Traditional Education?

With the advent of the internet, a new medium for education has gained momentum. Throughout the 1990’s online education has evolved from basic computer-based learning programs to a custom education medium accepted worldwide. As technology continues to advance, so does the nature of online education.

Innumerable surveys have shown that the number of online education institutes have continued to multiply over the years. Research studies and surveys conducted by the U.S Department of Education have revealed that online courses incur better results compared to the traditional classroom. Since the economy has taken a dip, online learning is expected to take a jump because it’s comparatively less expensive.

CNN has reported that the number of people turning towards the internet has increased and the new medium of education has experienced a bump during the recession. With the advent of online education, I considered it a primary subject to conduct a research study. The study revealed interesting aspects about many online universities like Capella Univeristy, Northern Port University, and University of Phoenix etc.

The study revealed a number of aspects that seemed to arch towards web-based learning compared to the traditional class. On an average, students from an internet education performed a lot better than traditional university students since they could experience the practicalities of life along with their course study. An online study experience helps to enamor a complete study experience alongside a genuine experience of the practical world.

It’s a fact that online students get to spend time doing actual tasks in comparison to students attending face-to-face class-based learning. Online learning prepares students in a performance based outcome where the entire process of achieving the final outcome relies on the students themselves. The web-based learning model presents a broad spectrum across various types of studies and learning dimensions that assist in overall development of an individual.

Overall communication with the students has improved with the introduction of social media. Online institutions have begun to use social mediums effectively with time and a number of them have reaped benefits from a carefully designed social media strategy.

Today’s generation of web-based learning will eventually revolutionize education. Online mediums taken on a life on their own that is attracting more and more people across the world.

Online education is not a fad – in fact it’s just started to grow, and it’s definitely here to stay!

Freida Gnomes is an MBA from Panworld University and also a member of the Alumni association at the University. She loves to blog and share experience with students in a quest to support online education.

  • http://www.fit4kitchens.co.uk/kitchen_bins Kitchen Bin

    This would be a turnup for the books! Not an idea I ever thought I would read but this has got me thinking when you think what the internet has done to “traditional” retail..

  • http://www.iphonedevelopers.com/ Rizzagamutan

    That really depends! Traditional education still remains the best training for anyone.  One must note that it is difficult to understand something without someone explaining. 
    Online education will just be there for enhancements.

  • http://rinf.com/ Mick Meaney

    Why unfortunately? 


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