Video: Dallas Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Man Who Stood Perfectly Still


Footage contradicts officers’ claims that man approached officers in aggressive manner

Adan Salazar

An officer with the Dallas Police Department is facing major criticism after a home surveillance camera captured him opening fire on a mentally ill man without any provocation.

To make matters worse, police may have lied in their report about what actually took place.

After an argument with his mother, Bobby Gerald Bennett, 52, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, went out into the middle of the street and began rolling around in a swivel office chair.

Their neighbor, Maurice Bunch, reportedly told Bennett’s mother, Joyce Jackson, not to call the police, but Jackson had already made the call.

“They said they would send special-trained officers out,” Jackson said, according to a Dallas Morning News report.

The entire affair was captured on a surveillance camera mounted outside of Bunch’s front door. Along with Bunch’s statements, the footage seems to directly contradict the officers’ version of events.

“What’s going on?” officers asked Bennett, according to Bunch. “They were coming at him and he just scooted his chair back. He stood up. At that point, they drew their weapons and said, ‘Freeze.’ They may have said ‘Drop the knife.’”

Within 30 seconds of arriving, Officer Cardan Spencer fired four shots at Bennett, who is witnessed getting out of the chair and standing perfectly still.

An arrest affidavit listed Officer Spencer as the victim and claimed he and his partner were responding to a “disturbance call about a man carrying a knife…” It also says Bennett allegedly told them, “You all are gonna need more officers out here,” and claims he took “several steps toward them with the knife raised in an aggressive manner.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 12.06.15 PMHowever, Bunch says she never heard them say anything to that effect and never saw a knife. “That’s a lie,” he said. “They were trying to kill him.”

The affidavit made sure to mention that Spencer fired in fear for his and his partner’s safety.

Additionally, the officer’s stray bullets entered a neighbor’s home near the altercation. “Had someone been in that home, they could have been shot as well or maybe killed,” Jackson claimed.

Afterwards, Jackson was unable to see her son in the hospital. “They said, ‘You don’t need to be here. You son is under arrest for trying to hurt police officers,’” Jackson said, according to Dallas News. “I said, ‘What would you do if it was your son?’” She was eventually permitted to peek through the window and ensure her son was still alive.

Robert Rogers, Spencer’s attorney, says the officer had a good reason to shoot Bennett. “The facts and circumstances known to Officer Spencer at the time completely justify his actions,” he said, adding, “Obviously there is much more to this situation than that video.”

Officer Spencer, who’s been with the department for 6 years, has been placed on indefinite administrative leave pending an investigation into his actions. His partner, Christopher Watson, is not on leave.

Bennett’s mother told the Dallas Morning News she wants justice for her son. “It’s the officers that need something done to them,” she stated. “This is not right. Any way I see this is wrong.”

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  • Larry

    Those sick psychotic thugs like to beat up on women, children, old folks or the mentally retarded like a bunch of bully’s that’s how they get their jollies. Who are the real criminals?

    • Andrea

      The criminals are the American Cops and the American government and the whole planet knows about it. America is a country of psycopaths and criminals. The American government has always attacked countries, invaded countries to serve the jews and to serve the Illuminati, they are all demons. Those policemen will pay for their actions whether they believe it or not, the times is near for this and the whole world will crucify them Jewish Style.

  • Breathial

    Police, protecting and serving the S*#T out of you…

  • chris

    Call 911 to “help” somebody and that person dies. How many times have we seen the same story with the same outcome. Innocent person dead. Criminal cops, in the clear.

    Same ol Same ol, in the land of the free…

  • brooke

    I guess if you’re breathing, you’re a threat to the overly militarized cops.

  • tom brown

    that little penis needed a gun to make it bigger

  • fuckthe police

    Had i been his neighbor and witnessed that i would of shot both of those worthless pos pigs. I hope they get cancer of the prick and their little testicles fall off.

  • fuckthe police

    Officer spencer needs to be publicly hung after he is convicted.

  • “against the peace and dignity of the soil of Texas….”

    at some point in time a pure language will be used to incinerate the lies….

  • GHY

    “The footage seems to directly contradict the officers’ version of events”, – no it doesn’t only “seem to”! There’s no doubt about it! The cops lied. The police version of events contradicts the FACTS as plainly shown in the video. So why write the story as if there is some doubt about the video?

    The fix is already in. The cops faked the report, claiming there was a knife and next proclaimed the magic words; “I was in fear of my life and the safety of my partner”. Those words are an automatic victory for any cop in the USA. The judge will dismiss all charges. The cops will be promoted and given awards.

    Funny that if a “civilian” shoots a cop, the same standard does NOT apply, although the civilian’s life really is in danger from heavily armed, vicious, murderous cops. NEVER CALL THE COPS!!!!

  • Tracie Rabon

    Same exact thing happened in SC, I witnessed it… the man had a bitter knife… unreal

  • wallty

    Should have listened to the neighbor.
    Never call the Police. They will protect you to death.
    You’re safer calling a street gang.