Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims US plot to assassinate him

Image credit: Reuters

RINF Alternative News

Speaking on his weekly radio show, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed that the United States are involved in a plot to assassinate him. 

He has allegedly obtained hundreds of emails that implicate members of the US State Department. 

“We will ask the State Department for an explanation of the evidence that implicates high-level functionaries in a plan to assassinate the president of the Bolivarian Republic,” said Maduro.

He insists that all of the emails were gathered legally.

Venezuela’s Attorney General Luisa Ortega said:

“Anyone linked to this case or believed to have participated in the coup and assassination plot will be charged and put in jail or banned from leaving the country.” 

  • cold340t

    It’s just a “claim”? Sounds like reality to me. Remember Hugo? So, his interception of emails is possibly illegal? Says who? It’s his country!

  • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

    Read ‘Confessions of An Economic Hit Man’ by John Perkins. You’ll understand why all the unrest and coups are happening around the world. You can conquer a country without using the military. Operation Gladio, Operation AJAX, and Operation PUBSUCESS should be researched as well