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US night raid target Afghan civilians

US-led soldiers have kidnapped several Afghan civilians during a recent night raid in the troubled southern Afghanistan, local residents say.

Locals say the US forces damaged their properties and mistreated their women and children during the raid in the city of Kandahar on Sunday night.

Sources say the US forces also targeted residences of several religious scholars and tribal elders during the brutal operation. The eyewitnesses also insist those who have been kidnapped are innocent.

The kidnappings have sparked widespread anger among the local population with the locals threatening regional officials with protests if US night raids and kidnappings continue.

The US-backed NATO command has for months ignored residents™ complaints of severe abuses committed by the elite American troops and commandos.

US authorities say the kidnapped Afghans are accused of carrying out suspicious operations in the troubled regions.

These developments come days after Afghan investigators found substantial proof that American Special Forces have been involved in kidnapping, torturing and killing of Afghan civilians in Maidan Wardak Province.

US-led deadly night raids have killed dozens of Afghan civilians in various parts of Afghanistan over the past few months.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has warned the United States to end night raids that fuel anti-American sentiment across the war-torn country.

Civilian casualties have long been a source of friction between the Afghan government and US-led foreign forces and have dramatically increased anti-US sentiments in Afghanistan.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 under the pretext of combating terrorism. While the war removed the Taliban from power, insecurity continues to be high across the country.


This article originally appeared on : Press TV

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