US lacks ‘moral standing’ to criticize China over island building: Anlayst

The United States has no “moral standing” to criticize China for its island-building in the South China Sea because America is based on stolen land from its native inhabitants, a political analyst in Beijing says.

China’s reclamation of land on disputed islands in the South China Sea “should be decided in a fair, international forum, it’s not a question to be decided by the USA,” Said Kim Petersen, co-editor of Dissident Voice, an Internet newsletter dedicated to “challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press.”

“The USA has probably the least moral standing to voice any opinion on that, given that the USA is a stolen country, a country that’s built on the denationalization of the indigenous nations,” Petersen said in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

“It’s a country that stole Hawaii from the Hawaiian people, it’s a country that has some forms of colonialism still ongoing in Guam, (and) in Guantanamo Bay which belongs to Cubans,” he added. “How can it have a base in Guantanamo Bay and then criticize China for building on unpopulated islets.”


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