US activists urge end to police abuse

Occupy Los Angeles activists have joined social justice groups across the US state of California in a protest rally to demand an end to persisting police brutality in the west-coast state, Press TV reports.

The protester urged in a rally on Thursday for an end to continued police violence throughout the densely populated multicultural state, reiterating that too many people are being unnecessarily killed by law-enforcement officers in California with no legal consequence.

Protest organizers insist their demand for a halt to police brutality follows a recent surge of incidents in which officers throughout the state were involved in unwarranted killings, including cases involving unarmed suspects.

The development comes as Southern California has witnessed a climbing number of questionable police killings over the past couple of years.

In cities such as Los Angeles and Anaheim police officers have reportedly shot and killed unarmed suspects, claiming that they had posed unspecific threats.

One of the participants in the rally, Jean Thaxton, says, however, that her son was not posing a threat to anyone when he was shot in the back by police officers as he attempted to flee from them.

Protesters further stated that police departments in the large state do not provide their recruiting forces with proper training and equipment, noting that while some police officers do try to do a good job, they are not adequately supported by their respective departments.

Protest organizers further pointed to what they see as the central issue in California police killings, saying that the stateâ„¢s District Attorneys are often hesitant to file charges against any police officer.

Instead, they said, police officers involved in questionable shootings are usually suspended with pay and then brought back to the force after a while.

Activists also called for a greater community involvement in setting up police watchdog committees and organizing workshops to teach citizens about their legal rights anytime they are confronted by a police officer.


This article originally appeared on: Press TV