UK Independence Party Draws Attention To Bilderberg 2013

The question what exactly is discussed at Bilderberg should be a concern to both the left and the right

Jurriaan Maessen
May 21, 2013

Member of the European parliament Gerard Batten has raised the alarm on Bilderberg, stating he has written all major mainstream media outlets in the UK as well as submitting a freedom of information request for the Hertfordshire police commissioner asking who is paying for the expenses of all this policing.

“The next meeting of the Bilderberg group is to be held in England. The location is thought to be the Grove Hotel Watford from the 6th to the 9th of June.”, Batten stated, continuing to point out that there is in place a code of silence in regards to the annual confab. Batten:

“These annual meetings are summits of the most wealthy, powerful and influential people in the world of politics, finance and business. The biggest mystery surrounding them is why the mainstream newspapers and broadcasters have chosen not to report on them since 1954. However in the internet-age there existence can no longer be kept secret. I’ve written to all the mainstream press and TV in the UK, asking them if they intend to report on this meeting- and if not, why not.”

Batten’s point is well-placed. There has indeed been a deafening silence on the part of the mainstream press when it comes to the most secretive of summits. He rightly pointed out that the alternative media is reluctantly doing the mainstream media’s job- the first increasingly reporting on Bilderberg where the latter remains silent.

Under Nigel Farage’s leadership the UK Independence Party has recently won an enormous victory in the British 2013 local election, coming in fourth in the number of council seats won, and third in projected nationwide votes. This latest victory for the party adds additional weight to Batten’s words, making it harder for the mainstream media in the UK to persist in their stalwart silence. In adition to questioning the mainstream media, Batten also announced submitting a freedom of information request directed at the Hertfordshire police:

“I’ve also submitted a freedom of information request to the Hertfordshire police commissioner, asking on what basis the policing is being provided, and who is paying the bill. I very much look forward to their responses.”

As do I, as my request directed at the Hertfordshire police commissioner is still pending under log number 2013/000159, although on April 16 I was told my information request was “currently receiving our attention”.

On the other end of the British political spectrum, Respect MP George Galloway has also commented on the coming conference, rather loosely asking himself “What did Watford do to deserve the descent of the Bilderberg ghouls amongst them?”

The question what exactly is discussed at Bilderberg should indeed be a concern to both the left and the right. Although the Bilderberg group itself claims “no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued”, former Secretary General of NATO and two-time Bilderberg participant Willy Claes admitted in 2010 the participants are expected to implement conclusions that come out of every conference. After every sub-conference at Bilderberg a report is compiled, after which “the participants are then obviously considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect,” Claes stated. Bilderberg founder prince Bernhard even stated in the following interview (3 minutes onward)): “there could be issued an idea… that everybody liked, and that idea is then launched.”

As UKIP’s representative in the European Parliament stressed, the most worrisome aspect of Bilderberg is that the mainstream media has up to today uniformly kept silent about it.

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