Trust In The British Establishment Has Been Destroyed


Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative Media

According to a new survey of British citizens, public trust in the establishment has declined as politicians, banks and the media all receive less than 10% of the vote.

The poll conducted by OMD UK asked 2,000 adults their opinion on varies aspects of British society as part of a year-long research project.

OMD UK discovered that only 3% of people trust politicians, while 6% trust the media and 7% trust the banks.

Is it any surprise that trust continues to decline as more people are beginning to wake up to the fact that our society is controlled by criminal psychopaths who only care about their own wealth, power and preservation.

In light of a myriad of scandals including MP’s expenses, the media silence of high-profile pedophiles and the crimes of the banking elite, it’s finally become clear to the majority of citizens that elements of our establishment will stop at nothing to hide their misdeeds.

The poll also found that 75% of people blame the criminal bankers for the economic crash, however it’s a shame that 25% have not yet realised the truth, while 39% blame Gordon Brown and 27% blame David Cameron.

The report also revealed the hardship of British families with 40% having to sell possessions in order to survive.

When asked for a solution to the economic crisis, 53% said that taxing the rich more would revive the economy.

Only 26% of people trust the police, 17% trust religious institutions and 10% trust local authorities.

When it comes to technology, Facebook is the least trusted corporation with just 9% of the vote while Google received 17%.

In all, these figures reflect the fact that public trust in the British establishment has been destroyed as we head towards a momentous turning point in our history and reject the illusion of power that our leaders would-have-us-believe they hold.