The Princess Diana Cover Up — RINF Documentary

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News


This first edit from the forthcoming RINF documentary explores the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. It shows how officials and the mainstream media began a disinformation campaign within hours of her death.

Here we present the first edit which lasts 30 minutes, and focuses on driver, Henri Paul, who was reported as high on a ‘cocktail of drink and drugs’ during the crash. ‘The Princess Diana Cover Up’ provides information which contradicts this claim.

The feature length documentary is currently in production as this first edit was released early for the 10th anniversary of the murder of Princess Diana.

The final cut will look at numerous other factors in the death of the Princess, such as the amount of time taken to reach the short distance to the hospital, why many other hospitals closer to the crash were ignored and many other puzzling questions. We have received many unsatisfactory answers from the officials.

We will also look at motives for her murder and how she feared for her life.

Using footage from a range of sources, including new reports and interviews with those close to the Princess and the investigation, ‘The Princess Diana Cover Up’ is a must see for all who want truth.