Snowden: NSA Involved in ‘Industrial Espionage’

In an exclusive television interview to air Sunday night, the NSA whistleblower speaks at length with German public broadcaster ARP TV

Lauren McCauley 
RINF Alternative News

The vast dragnet operations of the NSA include “industrial espionage,” whistleblower Edward Snowden told the German television network ARD TV in an exclusive interview airing Sunday evening.

In his first televised appearance since speaking with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras in Hong Kong, Snowden spoke at length with German journalist Hubert Seipel on his current predicament as an exile living in Russia.

In text released ahead of the interviewARD TV quoted Snowden saying the NSA does not limit its espionage to issues of national security, giving the example of the German engineering firm Siemens.

“If there is information about Siemens that benefit the national interest of the United States, but have nothing to do with national security, then take this information anyway,” Snowden said, according to ARD, which recorded the interview in Russia.

The program will air at 23:05 CET, or 5:05 PM EST.

Snowden also told the German public broadcasting network that he no longer has possession of any of the leaked documents–which he has passed on to journalist Glenn Greenwald and others at the Washington Post–and has no influence over the publication of the revelations.

According to a preview of the interview, Snowden also discussed reports that American officials “want to kill him” for exposing the vast dragnet operations of the NSA.

“He has a very strong patriotic sense of justice,” Seipel said after speaking with Snowden. “The fact that Obama has said that he is not a patriot, for him, I think, quite difficult.”

Reprinted with permission.