Secret Report Claims Snowden Aided Terrorists

Donn Marten 
RINF Alternative News

In the manner befitting the defenders of the NSA mass surveillance programs House Intelligence Committee head Mike Rogers has now accused former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden of putting our blessed troops in danger.

Rogers and his crony Congressman Dutch Reppersberger (D-Md)  whose district just happens to contain Fort Meade where the the American Stasi headquarters are located used a secret Pentagon report to back their latest media crusade  against reforming the fascist spying colossus.

Not only are they accusing Snowden of putting our heroic imperial stormtroopers in danger but have like the criminally inclined Michael Hayden come out and hung the traitor label on the man and are now escalating the government’s war on accountability by alleging that Snowden helped “terrorists” as well.

The conflict of interest ridden Reppersberger who has no place sitting on any serious investigative panel given his close proximity to NSA HQ declared “Snowden handed terrorists a copy of our country’s playbook and now we are paying the price, which this report confirms”. He is at least partially correct in that fascists who are running this data-mining show view all who challenge their power, especially American citizens with a respect for transparency and the Constitution are indeed “terrorists”. This is the way that it works in any authoritarian state run by dangerous control freaks and let’s face it, these NSA surveillance programs have never been about actual terrorism prevention anyway, they have been able to prove that they have stopped on single plot against American interests. They are now and have from their inception been about crushing domestic political opposition that gets in the way of their ongoing criminality and consolidation of power.

Not only is the NSA spying on everyone, hoarding and storing data in their Utah facility as well as a location where the Main Core database containing information on political troublemakers (left and right alike), civil libertarians, writers, lawyers, intellectuals and all else who defend the constitution but readying for when the day that The Last Roundup is authorized. This will be when all of Rogers and Reppersberger’s “terrorists” will be dealt with, likely when the economic collapse inevitably comes as the current system is unsustainable or perhaps sooner as their fellow traitors in the U.S. Senate are dangerously close to undermining the P5+1 Iran talks and pushing the country into one final, ruinous war. Rest assured that is is coming though and given past history all of what are mocked as tin-foil hat style “conspiracy theories” about internment camps should perhaps be given a bit more of a serious bit of consideration given the existance of  programs that have already been revealed and the zeal to defend them. Mr. Obama plans to announce “reforms” to the surveillance programs this coming Friday but they will be largely cosmetic and as effective at restoring a system of checks and balances, the rights of Americans to not be subjected to unreasonable searches and the future of this country as a band aid on a sucking chest wound.

Rogers has already used every opportunity provided to him to attack Snowden, defend the unconstitutional surveillance of millions of law-abiding Americans but Reppersberger has not had quite the media prominence. Notably per his bio he is that he is a member of the so-called Gang of Eight, a powerful of congressional leaders which has an inordinate level of control over legislative policy and is an affront to the Constitution, not that the document matters to any of the elected representatives who are supposed represent the people but instead enrich themselves at the expense of the republic. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’ book “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War”  has the beltway punditry and the other arms of the state-corporate media atwitter over his jabs at the conniving political animal Barack Obama and the bloviating boob Joe Biden but it has been largely played down that some of his most withering salvos are directed at the U.S. Congress, an enemy of the American people if there ever were one.  Gates vents appropriately at the cancer that has metastasized throughout the legislative branch:

“I saw most of Congress as uncivil, incompetent at fulfilling their basic constitutional responsibilities (such as timely appropriations), micromanagerial, parochial, hypocritical, egotistical, thin-skinned and prone to put self (and re-election) before country.”

Yes indeed, that part about putting self “before country” especially applies to the renegade Senate bloc that continues to grow in number and is about to act to eradicate any chance of normalized, non-hostile relations with the new moderate regime in Iran. This would for the first time since the CIA backed 1953 overthrow of democratically elected Iranian leader Mohammad Mosaddeq that hostilities can be dialed down and U.S. business interests could benefit from a new market and open trade with the country. But the meddlesome Saudis and right-wing Israelis cannot tolerate that under any circumstances. The Kingdom’s pull on U.S. foreign policy due to being a major source of oil would be torpedoed by improved relations with Tehran and an increasingly malevolent Israeli nationalist state led by the unstable Netanyahu would lose face along with his desired destiny as the historical equivalent of the sainted Sir Winston Churchill. Both are frantically working behind the scenes to support the Senate traitors that Gates exposed as venal, disloyal rats. For the record Gates also “worried about the influence of the Israelis and the Saudis in the White House” and their desire to have problems like Iran “taken care of’ while Bush was still president.” Bush eventually distanced himself from Cheney’s sway and having to this point failed to suck Obama into an attack on Iran the focus has obviously turned to Congress.

Rogers and Reppersberger must be salivating at the prospect of another war, this time a damned big one that will unlike Iraq and Afghanistan require appeals to the public for sacrifices to support the war effort. Perhaps as the conflagration grows and the body count mounts, when conditions deteriorate to the point that Russia and China become involved that there will be a renewed effort to begin conscription for the first time since the Vietnam war era. A national military draft would do much to solve the ongoing problem of joblessness and the NSA will ensure that those who would oppose the restoration of mandatory military service (with the exception of the children and grandchildren of the wealthy and the U.S. Congress) will have been silenced.

Donn Marten runs, is a free lance writer, activist and consultant who resides in West Central Florida,