Romney Knows Election Fraud Begins With Investing in eVoting Machines

Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism |

Mail-in ballots are showed that disillusioned Americans are not thrilled with having just two choices when it comes to the 2012 elections. Forty percent of Americans are considering themselves independents. Some Americans think the bipartisan system of Democrat and Republican is “outdated”.

speech to the Heritage Foundation, McConnell termed the false flag propaganda war on terrorism rhetoric when he said our democratic voting system is a “threat”. He was citing grassroots efforts that can have a hefty sway when determining a presidential election by way of the popular vote.

McConnell is referring to the sway of swing states, what he terms “disproportionate power”, and the national popular vote that has more power over determining a president’s ability to win an election. States give their Electoral College votes to the popular vote winner, thus attributing more leverage on the outcome of the election. Once a majority of Electoral College votes are attributed, this ensures that the vote is democratic in nature. This means our president elect is the one who received the majority of the popular vote.

Both the Obama and Romney camps have been tracking the social consciousness concerning the up-and-coming elections by spying on social media sites and keeping tabs on users that “like” them on Facebook; while extracting detailed personal data and using that information to better target voters. The National Review has Obama For America and Mitt’s VP are data mining with the use of software. The app user’s name, address, home phone number, and Facebook information is given over during the account process and turned over by the app software. GPS location and access to the phone’s camera, along with audio recording abilities are accessed as well. The software can also extract the smartphone’s contact numbers, call logs and SD Card contents.

The Election Protection Smartphone App has made data mining easier with direct access to “information and resources” just in time for the 2012 elections. With the app, a user can verify:

– Where the voter registered
– Where they voted
– Key rules and regulations for their state
– What type of machine the voter used

Using a smartphone and a free downloadable program called Barcode Director, the data matrix can be scanned and will produce a corresponding number to the one found on the ballot. Anyone with access to county records and open-records laws can trace the ballot to the specific individual and cross-reference the corresponding county. Any ballots containing the data matrix barcode are open to easy source the information obtainable by anyone — including campaign officials who might be interested in knowing who voted for which candidate.

Another way to ensure the election is swayed to produce a pre-determined outcome is to have a private-equity fund which financially supports a voting machine manufacturer. This is thedirection Mitt Romney has taken with regard to his involvement with Solamere.

Although the firm has denied direct or indirect investment in Solamere, Tagg Romney (Mitt Romeny’s son), Spencer Zwick, campaign finance director for Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, and G. Scott Romney (Mitt’s brother) are involved monetarily with Solamere.

Mitt himself has invested $10 million of “seed capital” in Solamere. This initial investment yielded an estimated $1 million in returns for voting stock in Solamere.

Hart InterCivic Systems, (HIC) the 3rd largest manufacturer of voting machines, which will be used in many swing states, is controlled through investments by HIG Capital, a private-equity firm partnered with Solamere.
Gregg Burt, the Chairman of HIC is the former CEO of BuildForge, Inc., and a start-up enterprise software firm that was purchased by IBM in 2006. More employees of HIC have questionable backgrounds:

  • Neil Tuch, managing director, a former Goldman Sachs employee who worked in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Jeff Bohl, principal capital, former JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo employee in mortgage-backed securities, M&A transactions and consultant for small businesses
  • Amanda Kalin, associate capital, former private equity and investor of banking capital for CitiGroup Banking

The 2012 Presidential race is expected to be close as well as filled with drama. Media outlets have been adding to the political tension by reporting on alleged Obama supporters calling for theassassination of Romney should be election president. Stirring the fears surrounding the elections, Twitter accounts attributed to Obama supports began popping up with messages about how riots will be initiated if Obama loses the election. Knowing that Twitter and Facebook accounts are not only spied on by the federal government, but also created by their network of internet surveillance security teams.

It is clear that this election is heightened with not only propaganda from multiple media outlets adding to the emotional friction, but this election has become a breeding ground for schemes concocted by both political parties. Knowing that this year’s duopoly is really just a changing of the guard because they both are controlled by the same handlers (the Zionist agenda and the technocratic banksters), it may be time for the American public to exercise their right to remain silent and stop complying with this control system.

Strike the vote.