How Privatizing Medical Records Will Harm You

Imagine you’re a doctor at a clinic in New York City.

You have a patient come in who’s in New York City on business. Their normal doctor is hundreds of miles away in California.

In order to treat the patient, you need access to their medical files from their doctor in California.

But, you learn that those files are stored in a digital program that your clinic doesn’t use, making it next to impossible to get access to them, and to treat your patient.

This isn’t just some hypothetical situation.

It’s a scenario that’s playing out all across the US today thanks to the conservative ideology that says our public spaces, our commons, which should include our health-care system, should instead be in the hands of for-profit companies.

All across the country, doctors and health-care workers are finding it increasingly hard to treat patients, because of electronic health record systems that don’t share information with competing systems.

The systems, which were installed to help reduce costs and improve patient care, have, in many cases, made patient care a nightmare.

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