Police Using Tasers to Subdue 11 Year Old Children


Neil Foster
RINF Alternative News

If a police officer can’t restrain 11 year old children, should they really be police officers?

I remember the days of old, back in the early 1970’s, when I was a young freckle faced, ginger haired young scallywag playing football in the street and being chased off by the local bobby, who, if he caught you, would give you a gentle tug of the ear and possibly a soft kick up the backside for causing him the grief of running you down.

These days playing football in the street may be seen as a far more dangerous pastime with the risk of a kick up the backside being a rather more tolerable result than what has, it seems, become quite common practice for our street wise and obviously heavily threatened police officers.


It appears that even children of 11 years of age have now become the targets of police officers armed with cattle prods on wires called tasers emitting a 50,000 volt shock to its unfortunate recipients.

When police officers feel the need to resort to this type of behavior to control a rowdy 11 year old then one has to question, either the size and strength of the average 11 year old child, or the quality and tact of the average police officer.

The use of such barbaric methods is totally unjustified on children or indeed young adults by those in a position of power, namely police officers, when their duty is to keep the peace and to use force only proportionate to the situation faced.

The question must therefore be asked as to what justifies using a weapon, such as a taser, on an 11 year-old child. Surely police officers should be more than capable of dealing with children and young adults, regardless of the situation, without resorting to such violent and dangerous technological weaponry. Is their training at fault?

If they are not capable of this task then why are such people ‘trained’ as police officers at all?

It should be noted that there have been many cases in the UK and US where the use of tasers had led to fatalities yet an unnamed Home Office spokesperson stated that the chances of serious injury, including fatality, was low.


There are many examples of articles from every country where these electric cattle prods have been used on adults causing fatalities, so to suggest that it’s safe to use these on preteen children and young adults safely, is quite frankly, totally absurd.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were being told that such weaponry was safe.

Reprinted with permission from CPG

  • Anon

    What people, especially AMERICANS, need to understand, is that the U.S. Government, has been hi-jacked, by International Central Bankers. You see, the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Bank is about as “Federal” as Federal Express.

    For those who aren’t familiar with the actual ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, please check out the following videos, on youtube:

    1) The Money Masters, by Bill Still
    2) The Secret of Oz, by Bill Still

    Here are two excellent interviews, that also go into the (ACTUAL) CONSPIRACY (NO THEORY), HERE

    Ian Wishart, author of TOTALITARIA, on Coast-to-Coast AM (11 December 2013)

    2) “Fleshing Out Skull and Bones” with Author Kris Millegan, Interview on Infowars.com

    Kris Millegan says the “Skull and Bones” crowd, at Yale, control the following sectors:

    1. Mining, metals, and “money”
    2. Guns, Oil, and Drugs
    3. Media, movies, and Magic

    To which, I would add: 4) U.S. Government, 5) U.S. Public “Education”, 6) U.S. Legal/Prison System, and no doubt, they influence the 7) Music Industry, as well.

  • Anon

    As far as “cops” are concerned: They simply serve the 1%, as outlined in the following video (regardless of which country they work in):

    Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011

  • R.Sooriamoorthy

    No one safe as long as cops are still around. A good cop is a dead one. So perform your duty, but make sure you target only cops, and not Police officers.

    • Jolly Roger

      No….they’re ALL guilty. The cops who don’t actually murder innocent people cover up the crimes of those who do, so they’re at least accomplices.

      Forget the myth of the “good cop”, because they don’t exist. Every last one of them is brutally suppressing our constitutional rights, because that’s “their job” now, so every last one of them is an enemy of the people.

      • R.Sooriamoorthy

        You are absolutely right.
        All cops must be exterminated as well as those who support and defend them.

  • vad

    One reason is the fact that cops are unionized, and that their official 1st priority is not doing their actual job, but ensuring their own safety, which is absurd if you think about it.