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Police staff investigated over alleged IT misuse

Daily Echo |

SEVEN members of staff working for Dorset Police have faced disciplinary action in the past year for allegedly misusing the force’s email or internet system, it has been revealed.

In response to a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Daily Echo, Dorset Police confirmed that there were five cases investigated during 2011/12, involving seven members of staff.

One police staff member accused of accessing an inappropriate website resigned before a hearing could be held, the FoI request revealed.

Management action was taken against another police staff member who disclosed information on Facebook.

A police officer received a final written warning for improper use of internal email and management action was taken against a police officer and also against two members of police staff for improper use of internal email.

Another police officer was also investigated for disclosing information on Facebook but it was deemed there was no case to answer upon further investigation.


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