Police brutality? Watch this YouTube video — It’s not meant for those with weak stomachs


Police incessantly and unmercifully beating a man with batons and shocking him with tasers as he lays supine on a street pavement in Long Beach, Calif., is shocking and repulsive. Sundry video versions of this incident, posted on YouTube — have gone viral. It’s the most infamous and nefarious example of police brutality so far this year in the United States – when this violent act was captured in early September of 2013 by digital dice and snake-eyed focus.

In the video, a man wearing only a tan pair of short pants is repeatedly bludgeoned by batons and tased by three policemen. Another cop joins in this torture session, wielding a very long, nasty-looking nightstick. Two other officers jump in while their mates slip on blue plastic gloves, not wanting to get any blood on their hands (nobody wants a blood-borne disease these days, after all). And after a bit, others in blue (including at least one woman police officer), join the circle of terror. Towards the end of the video, all the police are on their knees, doing something to this poor victim, and I hardly think it’s trying to help the writhing guy.

It looks like a true exercise in torture. The coming of the police state and a poor victim was picked out with the name Porfirio Santos-Lopez.

Excessive force? Police brutality? You be the judge


  • zollner

    Notice all the pigs are fat ! ! Looks like they haven’t missed many meals. That’s why their called pigs.

  • Becky Strohl

    This is sick! It’s obvious the guy didn’t have a weapon on him. He wasn’t resisting at all and the cops looked like they were enjoying torturing and beating this man. We are truly up the creek without a paddle my American brothers and sisters. And they wonder why we will not give up our firearms?

  • garyamusic .

    Don’t fight the police…… period! If they say roll over and put your hands behind your back you best do it…………now! Give them a reason and they will beat your ass and more than likely get away with it!

    • Citizen1

      When a man is being attacked for complying and cannot move after his teeth are knocked out and being tased repeatedly where are the citizens to rescue the man? Where are our caped Super Heroes? These were criminals in cops uniforms.

      • garyamusic .

        I missed the complying portion of the clip, at which minute mark is that? I’m just sayin……………for your own safety (until which time things are turned around) do as they say…………….or you will pay!

        • quantumcipher

          So are you a cop who would beat or kill an American citizen for failing to ‘roll over’ while he’s writhing in pain and being tortured by domestic terrorists in uniform?

          Or are you the type of person who would watch this shit and consider it justified, essentially enabling this misconduct and allowing our country to further deteriorate?

          • garyamusic .

            Don’t be stupid cipher, read my posts and try to understand them, instead of trying to pick a fight.

  • Leev-it-owt

    I worked with adults with LD and challenging behaviour. The staff were predominantly female, and UNARMED. We had strategies for restraint and control which these tossers do not appear to have.

  • This is why every single cunt in a uniform is a target now, and their families, and loved ones, and friends.

  • fatwillie

    If the citizens were still armed, and had full rights as granted by God and the Constitution, these animals would not be doing this. But even unarmed, how many people just stood around and watched? how many men and women filmed and yelled but did nothing to aid this man in his time of need. These police were abusing this individual and they were the real law breakers, at that point and time you must stop them at any cost. It is not only your duty, but your right to stop them. And for anyone that says they were just following procedure, then change the procedure, for it is barbaric and wrong. If I were to read these cops were ambushed and killed, it would not bother me one bit.

  • James

    All I see is beaner getting adjusted.Should have adjusted the beaners with the camera as well.

  • judenjager

    Illegal POS deserved it.

  • mike

    Cops behave like this in certain jurisdictions where private firearm ownership is heavily restricted by the state (California). This was a criminal act of cruel, and unusual punishment in absence of a trial. Further signs of a crumbling nation.