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Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”


Ulson Gunnar The US spent over two billion dollars during NATO’s armed assault on Libya both in ordnance used during months of aerial bombardment and in covert support for terrorists used as proxy ground forces in the overthrow of the Libyan ...

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America Giving Israel a Pass on Civilian Deaths


Gareth Porter WASHINGTON – United Nations officials and human rights organisations have characterised Israeli attacks on civilian targets during the IDF war on Gaza as violations of the laws of war. During the war, Israeli bombardment leveled whole urban neighbourhoods, ...

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Stop Fracking Our Oceans, Californians Say

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Miyoko Sakashita Contaminated water, polluted air, increased earthquake risk: As fracking has expanded across America, this dangerous form of oil and gas production has caused massive harm to our environment and public health. Now the oil industry is ramping up ...

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