Oil – The Lifeblood of Tyranny and Corruption


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Russian politician and Vice Speaker of the State Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, once famously stated that Great Britain is “the most barbaric country on the planet”. He is deeply despised by the West for his anti-Western rhetoric and Russian nationalism – and while statements such as these may seem absurd to the unaware, one cannot help but wonder – from where did he draw this strong conclusion?

Today, it is not necessary to do extensive research to understand what Vladimir Zhirinovsky meant. The British oil industry, in collaboration with it’s government, has been effectively destroying everything it touches for countless decades.

Their grand crimes are not limited to environmental disasters such as British Petroleum’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill (which became known in the media as the largest marine oil spill in history). Even prior to that, similar incidents happened, such as the 2006 Prudhoe Bay and 2005 Texas City oil spills, which indicated that the British monarchy had no interest in learning from it’s mistakes, or doing it’s duty to regulate the unethical activity of it’s oil conglomerates.

Their partnership is a deceptive one. While there is no doubt that the Rothschild-controlled British oil industry and government are the main masterminds behind everything, it is also important to note that their evil knows no bounds. America, a loyal British colony, is another puppet whose influential role as a “protector of democracy” has long been twisted in a sickening direction. Their idea of democracy showed it’s true colours when, in 2003, they broke international law and invaded Iraq, under the guise of removing the “tyrant” Saddam Hussein, along with his non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

George W. Bush, obediently following in his tyrannical father’s footsteps, later ordered Saddam Hussein to be hung, but not before he conveniently robbed the country of it’s huge supply of oil. Bush, together with Dick Cheney, reported all this “black gold” back to their masters, the Rothschild banking family of England. This family controls the world through their tight grip on foreign oil, and have silenced all opposition below them through bribery, and often death.

In this context, it becomes clear that British Prime Minister David Cameron (and formerly Tony Blair) were never significant players. Rather, they were the errand runners. The elite oil lobbyists and representatives from companies such as Exxon, Shell, and Mobil hold the true power in government.

Together, they routinely work to deregulate the oil industry, in the process removing standard safety protocols and eliminating any potential liabilities they may carry for their criminal acts. In essence, they operate as a “shadow government”, and have successfully managed to deceive millions of people into believing they are just. If they are good, than who is to blame? Who will be brought to justice for the countless crimes committed against the Earth, and all humanity?

Therein lies the problem: Justice cannot be served, because the enemy is not clearly known. The British oil magnates, in cooperation with their political hosts, have taken advantage of this diversion, and have continued to execute their timeless philosophy of “divide and conquer”. One can only hope that as the world enters a new age, the forces of good will overcome the forces of darkness. Those who are guilty will be judged by the blood on their hands.

  • mikael

    In the last half of an milenium, we have fighted, sentralism by the church, sentralism by politics like the Comunism/Soscialism and now, fascism/corporatism.

    People that actually belive in the duality in politics, demorcacy, and the rule of law are either blind or brain damaged beyound Dope use.
    What we have is a old familys of robber barons, been here for centurys, owns whats needed to maintain controll, not over party politics, or dictatorshipps, no problems, weponds and all, and they are our bane, the Zionists are just the frontpage, the bigg huchos, the capo titutti capi, people is never seen or even heard of, like the Bank of international Invetments in Basel.
    THEY runns the show, they controll the monetary system, the lifeline of the present crime factories aka the banks.

    If we are going to have a slight chance to greate a future, without putting our grandchildren into an never ending spiral of debth, we better gett our thumbs out of our own a… and thats fast.

    Otherwise, we loose, we have loost it for centurys, and now when they are in the open, we all know whom, if they dont alter the curse voulentarly, the giljotine in the nexts stepp.
    How is it possible for a litle click of scumbaggs to run the hole world.
    How deep havent huamniity sunken, to alow that to happen, played russian rullet with our own future.
    And on topp of it, they sendt the bill to us.
    WE have the reasons for been pissed.