Obama’s Latest Move Raises Disturbing Questions About The Future Of Elections


(RINF) – The ruling establishment has responded to Donald Trump’s election by laying the groundwork to federalize, and thus control, future elections. Read Tyler Durden’s report.

The federal government does not have the constitutional authority to administer elections, only to set the date. The Obama regime’s designation of elections as “critical infrastructure” seems to have no function other than to put in place a way to prevent voters from overthrowing an entrenched establishment, as the establishment fears the voters did when they elected Trump president.

The distrubing question is: Why do it now after Trump’s election? Could there be a plot to rescind Trump’s election on the basis of the ongoing lies that Trump was elected not by the voters but by Russian interference? Federalization can be used to remove the states from the picture and prevent the states from challenging an establishment coup against the voters.

US elections are decentralized in the hands of the states. There is no national network that would make hacking possible. The Department of Homeland Security can make suggestions to the states for improving the security of elections without declaring federal authority over the elections as “critical infrastructure.”

This is a disturbing development for which explanation and reason are lacking. Trump, if inaugurated, can overturn it or use it to ensure his reelection. Moreover, this last minute act of Obama is based on nothing but the false allegations of Russian interference. Despite the total absence of any evidence, the Obama regime continues to insist that the election was tainted by Russian interference, and the presstitutes repeat the lie as if it is true. For a media that ridicules “conspiracy theories,” it is certainly hypocritical for the presstitutes to be hyping the Russian hacking conspiracy.

What is the point of this lie to which the Obama regime and the presstitute media are committed? Is it merely to throw mud at Trump? Or is it to lay the foundation for a coup?

Mike Pence, an admirer of Dick Cheney, is a strange choice for Trump’s vice president. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mike-pence-looks-at-dick-cheney-as-a-role-model-for-vice-presidency/

By making this choice, has Trump set himself up for removal?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

  • Gilfavor

    need not to worry folks. Friday night, the 20th, just before dessert arrives at the dinning table, Donald with a stroke of his pen will make this latest folly, totally ‘evaporate’.

  • Orwell would be so very proud

    Samuel Clemmons once said that; “IF VOTING MADE ANY DIFFERENCE THEY’D MAKE IT ILLEGAL” and he wasn’t joking. this is just a tightening of the controls over what you think you can do and say and what BIG MUTHA FUGGA thinks you moron goyim turds are deserving..

    • …and then came Donald Trump. He had to battle the Democrats AND the Republican Establishment to get where he is. He owes the Republicrats nothing !
      And he will give his life to make America great again.
      And I am already sick of these peabrains who want to write his Biography before he even takes office.

  • Strayhorse

    The federal government had an obligation to protect the rights of the voter, but to protect the rights of the voter against infringement by ANYBODY OR ANYTHING. It is clear the federal government is trying to do what it has done for decades,TO HACK AND ILLEGALLY INFLUENCE OTHER NATIONS AND THEIR ELECTIONS! The federal government does not know how to protect the rights of the voters.

    • Joseph Conrad

      if any man, regardless of complexion, deserved an F-35 to the HOTTEST sector

      He deserves the treatment ALL vampires have received throughout history –
      a spike in his TINY heart, then BLOODY DECAPITATION…

    • chris

      gee, they already do that and have done it. the voters don’t matter anyway. too bad americans just can’t seem to grasp that fact. only the electoral college does. there is no right to vote in the constitution.

  • chris

    as a false constitutional part time teacher, lil barry must have failed the course.

    • Joe Blow

      Since the collusion of the alphabet agencies to hide the gay, Marxist, Muslim, using a phony birth certificate and illegal SS#, living with a man and two adopted girls in the WH’s history is in place we have no idea who this shit really is. So called classmates and teachers don’t even remember him.

  • Joe Blow

    The gay, Marxist, Muslim, using a phony birth certificate and illegal SS#, living with a man and two adopted girls in the WH has been a disgusting traitor to the people.

  • Luther R. Norman

    Now, every underhanded trick is being utilized by Obama the liar. With a little over a week left in office, there seems to be no end to the Obama Deception made into law!

  • Lophatt

    Well, its just one of the latest in a long string of “Idi Amin-style” decisions. They should wrap him in a zebra skin and pack him outta there on a donkey. Maybe we’ll get lucky and somebody will do a bag job on him on the golf course.

  • Shinsha

    If anything this election proves that it should be handled at a state level. The corruption at a national level by federal employees and representatives was blatant and overwhelming. It was blocked and exposed at the state level. We the people demand that the elections be returned to the states. The federal government proved it can not police itself.

  • Falcon101

    If Obama thinks that by Federalizing the election process is going to fix it, maybe he should take a step back and look at the fine job they have done with the “War on Poverty”, War on Drugs”, the Economy, Health care, Foreign Affairs, fuel, energy and housing costs, Afghanistan, All rounds of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Vietnam, Bosnia, School systems, killer cops, killer vaccines, child protective (theft) Services, political corruption and much more, so you can rest assured that by federalizing elections, IT TOO WILL FAIL!

  • FMHenry

    Our “30 Full Voting Rights”

    [Up dated: Jan 12, 2017]

    The casting and counting of our votes is uncertain because we do

    not have our 30 Full Voting Rights.

    Lets look at our “30 FULL Voting Rights”….

    As you know our country is 240 years old and no voter

    in any of our 50 states has their “30 FULL Voting Rights”

    regardless of the voter’s personal and/or political



    (1) Men were given some undefined voting rights since

    the founding of our country… but, full voting rights

    were not defined.

    (2) In 1920 it was decided to let women vote… but,

    full voting rights were not granted nor defined.

    (3) In 1965 the Voting Rights Act (VRA) was enacted to

    purportedly provide voting rights to many minority

    folks… but, only about 7 of the 30 full voting rights

    are barely mentioned in the VRA.

    (4) Today the average voter knows of 4 of the 30 full

    voting rights:

    1) register to vote…

    2) get ballot on election day…

    3) mark ballot in secret (in a booth)…

    4) place ballot in ballot box or voting machine..

    What are the “30 FULL Voting Rights”….

    Here is a list of the many components/rights of

    each individual’s “Full Voting Rights”, the some

    30 rights are:


    1) Districts of equal number of electors.

    An elector is a US citizen age 18 and up who’s

    voting rights has not been suspended.

    2) Registration by US citizens only, age 18 and up

    ( note; the citizen has the right to register

    or not to register … no one shall be allowed

    to ‘automatically’ register any voter).

    3) Registration list 100% open to public view on-line.

    4) There shall be equal requirements for placing

    candidates name on the ballot by the individual

    candidate only. Political parties and other

    groups shall not be allowed to place names of

    candidates on the ballot. The government (fed,

    state, local) shall conduct only one election,

    that is the government will not conduct primaries,

    run-off elections, top two elections, rank choice, etc, other

    than the general election itself. Government may

    hold special election to fill vacancies as may be

    required. The winner of each race is the person who

    receives the most votes cast. A tie shall be resolved

    by a Verify hand count and if this count results

    into a tie, the tie can be resolved by “flip of coin”

    or other non-skilled chance process. All candidates

    shall be given one line under his/her name to place

    their party affiliation or short message/slogan.

    Number of spaces/characters for this one line shall

    be per election laws/procedures. All elections for

    offices (fed, state, local) shall be based on one

    person per district…there shall be no two or more

    persons at-large type districts.

    5) Equal requirements for placing questions on ballot.

    6) All write-in-votes to be honored, counted (and not

    bound to a gov pre-ordained list). (If write-in receives

    most/sufficient votes, he/she can , if a qualified

    elector, wins.)

    7) Campaigns: Federal, state, local governments shall

    stay out of campaigns.

    8) Absentee and, Early voting…Yes. But, NO early


    9) NO all mail voting.

    10) NO on-line voting.

    11) Bring ALL unopened absentee/early ballots to

    precinct polling place on election day.

    12) Precincts shall consist of 2000 or less

    registered voters.

    13) Precinct polling place should be kept at a

    constant location.

    14) Precinct polling place shall be near the

    voter…not some 50 miles away from where voters live.

    15) Precinct workers shall be volunteered and

    drafted(similar to jury duty).

    16) Test/Seal voting machines (if used) shall be open

    to public observation.

    …….(ELECTION DAY):

    17) Allow qualified electors/voters access to

    polling place and check-in.

    18) Allow qualified electors/voters to receive a

    paper ballot.

    19) Allow voter to mark their ballot in secret in

    a ‘closed’ booth.

    20) Allow voter to place their ballot into ballot

    box or ballot machine.

    …….(END of ELECTION DAY):

    21) CLOSING COUNT by hand or machine and perform

    closing reports.

    22) Get, signed by election workers, print-out-reports

    from machines (if used).

    23) Close/seal machine (if used).

    24) Perform a VERIFY COUNT hand count of every

    vote on every ballot before the CLOSING COUNT

    team goes home by a Verify team or the Closing

    team, looking for voter’s intent, generate

    verification tally sheets and reports containing

    results and error rate info.

    25) Release official count results to the public.


    26) Any registered voter may request for recount.

    27) Automatic recount of close positions if the margin

    is at (0.5% plus error rate) or less.

    28) Recount cost shall be covered by election budget.

    29) Refundable fee based on margin plus error rate may

    be levied on the requester prior to the recount.

    (Refund if outcome changes.) (Count all positions for

    office race being recounted.)

    30) Hand count only (looking for voter intent).

    (Followed by verify hand count)


    31) If any elector/voter spots an error at any

    milestone event they have five work days to bring

    challenge of the error to official of the milestone

    or to court for corrective review and/or action.

    The elector/voter shall not be charged any fees/cost.


    32) Any elector/voter/candidate/official is allow to

    contest an election by bringing their case to a court;

    and their cost shall be refunded/covered if and to

    degree of win.


    1. These Rights should be spelled out in our

    constitutions (fed, states) and in our election

    laws (fed, state, local).

    2. Right # 19: (says mark ballot in secret ) is the

    ONLY ‘step’ closed to public view. All other rights/steps

    shall be open to public observation by electors, voters,

    press, the public…etc.

    3. In right # 27 the phrase “error rate” means the error

    rate, expressed in percentage that is indicated in the

    Verification Report (right #24) or the historical

    accumulative average which ever is greater.

    4. In right # 29 phrase “error rate”…same as note 3.

    5. In right # 29 the word “margin” means the gap between

    the two positions being requested of a recount expressed

    in percentage.

    6. When the “30 Full Voting Rights” are in place

    two good things will occur. …. (1) All political

    parties, campaigns, individuals, etc can promote their

    choices on the ballot without interference from government

    (fed, state, local). … And, (2) all voters will have

    an election system that honors their “30 Full Voting

    Rights” with respect from government, political

    parties, campaigns, candidates, individuals, etc.

    Thanks and Good Luck

    Frank Henry

    Full Voting Rights Advocate

    Cottonwood, Arizona

    Tel: 928-649-0249

    e-mail: [email protected]

  • FMHenry

    We might need to fix the election system(s) (fed, state, local)….the first
    step we need to grant every voter in all 50 states their “30 Full
    Voting Rights”….then we can fix the election systems…!!!