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Man Gets His Face Stomped In By LAPD for Riding His Bike Without Lights

John Galt
Activist Post

The Los Angeles Police Department has a record far longer than some of the world’s most hardened criminals. After all, it was the LAPD who gave Chris Dorner a trial by fire and many others a trial by machine gun.

But those individuals provoked the police, right? Deserved what they got.

Well, in the latest case, it appears that the LAPD also likes to brutalize people who are riding their bicycle after dark without having their lights on.

34-year-old Brian Cisneros was riding his bicycle to work after dark when he was confronted by police. His description indicates that there was not even a conversation that took place before the police pounced:

“The doors flew open, and the lights were on me. They drew their guns down, and they just attacked me. And they threw me on the floor, and they started stomping my face in,” he said.

Cisneros added, “They choked me out and all that, and then they threw me on their hood.”

The alleged victim said he never resisted the officers.

“(I thought) I’m gonna die, I’m never going to see my kids again,” he said. (Source)

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  • http://yahoo.co.uk Jonnie Revell

    what is it over there bloody NAZI VILLE or what, I thought all of the people in the second world war went to fight to eradicate tyranny but it seems it has returned with a vengeance. they are not cops anymore just hired thugs nothing more.

    • Abe

      One word we in the hills hate! REVENUERS!!

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