Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity – A History of Corruption

Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

It’s no secret that the nation of Israel has a long history of breaking international law, committing heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity, the most publicised being against the Palestinian people who have borne the brunt of these violations. In this report we’re going to look at other recent Israeli crimes that you may have missed.

A great deal of Israel’s brazen behaviour has been at the very least abetted, if not out rightly supported by the United States of America – ironically the world’s self appointed moral police man of the “free” world. Cough cough.

One doesn’t have to look too far into history to see the litany of these crimes — and they continue increasing both in intensity and flagrancy.

However it should be highlighted and emphasised that the Israeli people are not to blame. They, much like Western nations, are ruled by a corrupt cabal intent on profiteering from endless war. This is perhaps the biggest crime of all, to which only a handful of nations are guilty. Many campaign groups within Israel are demanding justice. In fact the majority of the world’s Jews refuse to support Israel’s destructive agenda.

This helps those of us in the independent media to deflect the frequent attacks we receive for reporting the truth when criticism of Israel’s deplorable actions are often touted as being “anti-semitic”.

As a result, the American and British media conveniently ignore these crimes – essentially protecting a dangerous rouge nation, but the independent media are giving a voice to those silenced by the Zionist controlled media.

For example the result of independent investigations into the death of PLO leader Yasser Arafat revealed that Israel was the only possible suspect responsible for the murder of the late Palestinian leader, through polonium poisoning. If complicity in the assassination of the leader of nation isn’t an international crime and a crime against humanity, what is?

In May, 2011 the Israeli Defense Forces opened fire on a flotilla of ships laden with aid for the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip. The attack resulted in the death of 19 people and injured almost a hundred others. The attack happened on international waters in brazen contravention of international rules of military engagement. Again the Israelis got away with that attack, claiming at first that the people in the aid flotilla were Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

In 2012, the Israeli government was quoted, as is the norm every year in the Amnesty International Reports as continuing the blockade of the Gaza strip that continues to cause untold misery to the people of Palestine. The Israeli Navy blockade continues with no condemnation from any of the international community.

In the same Amnesty International Report the Israeli Defense Forces opened fire and used excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank who were conducting a peaceful protest against the continued occupation of the Palestinian lands by the Israelis. This resulted in the death of up to 55 innocent civilians including 11 children.

A lot of Israel’s crimes have also been committed against the Israeli people themselves in the form of continued and almost officially sanctioned corruption at the highest echelons of the nation’s political office. Imagine a country where the latest prime minister and former mayor of the capital city, two former presidents, a former finance minister, a former justice minister, and a host of other cabinet ministers have all been taken to court and found guilty of corruption and law-breaking while in office when they are expected to be the makers and custodians of the law.

This does not describe some tin pot African or third world dictatorship. This list of characters is all from the nation of Israel. Former prime minister and Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert was merely the latest in the list of Israeli politicians indicted of gross law-breaking while in office. Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav is still serving a prison sentence for conviction in a shameful litany of sexual crimes.

Former Finance Minister Avraham Hirchson was convicted of stealing over $500,000 belonging to a trade union he led. Haim Ramon, a former justice Minister was convicted of sexual crimes and still continued to serve in Olmert’s cabinet after his sentence. Shlomo Benizri, Gonen Segev, Yitzhak Mordechai — the list of cabinet members indicted and convicted goes on and on. Yet another former president Ezer Weizman died before he could be put to trial for his criminal behavior.


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