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Israel Accused of Organ Harvesting in Costa Rica

Kevin Samson
Activist Post

A scandal has erupted at one of Costa Rica’s largest state-run medical centers, Calderon Guardia Hospital. The head of Nephrology, Francisco Mora Palma, has been arrested for playing a key role in a suspected international organ trafficking ring set up to supply patients in Israel.

Inside Costa Rica cites information obtained by Costa Rica’s Attorney General, Jorge Chavarria:

“The patients who required the transplants were in Israeli territory, and some of the (trafficking) victims [had their kidney removed] here and others were transported to Israel.”

The prosecutor explained that the organization has branches in Israel and Eastern Europe, though did not elaborate, citing the ongoing investigation.

This arrest highlights the wider problem of organized human organ trafficking, as well as Israel’s role as the centerpiece for this disgusting practice. It is something that Israel as been accused of many times before.

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