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Iranian activists refused medical help despite release order

Radio Zamaneh |

The Tehran prosecutor’s office is refusing to release jailed human rights activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki for medical treatment.

The Kaleme opposition website reports that the arrest warrant for Ronaghi Maleki was changed to 500 million rials in bail. His family has already put up the bail and acquired his release order, but Tehran’s prosecutor is refusing to release the jailed activist from Evin Prison, where he is being held.

Ronaghi Maleki, who was already on sick leave from Evin Prison for kidney complications, was arrested when security forces raided a relief camp set up by volunteers for the victims of the deadly earthquake that hit Azerbaijan in August.

The volunteer aid workers were accused of “assembly and collusion against national security goals, threatening public health by distributing unsafe food and disobeying officers.”

Ronaghi Maleki has written to the head of Iran’s judiciary to call for action against the security officers that “assaulted” the arrested relief workers at their camp and the judges who gave “unfair and inappropriate” verdicts in their cases.

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