Federal Govt Admits Marijuana Kills Brain Tumors, But You Still Can’t Have It

The federal government admits in newly funded research that compounds found in marijuana have an unprecedented ability to go in and kill brain tumors without any negative side effects. But you’re still going to jail if you try and use it as a medication.

And let’s be clear here: we’re not talking about prosecution for those who just ‘want to get high.’ In fact, as I’ve explained before, the true health effects of marijuana really don’t have to come with its infamous psychoactive effect Instead, we look to the non-THC (which is what gets you high) compounds withinmarijuana that are specifically known for their anti-cancer and antioxidant effects.

The worst part is that even marijuana without THC is still illegal, despite having zero ‘high’ effects. But then again, this new study on anti-tumor activity even focuses on extracts of marijuana that often do not cause any high either. As reported by Raw Story on the latest study:

“In a report issued by a U.S. government-funded research group tasked with studying drug abuse and addiction, researchers are admitting that marijuana is useful in killing off specific types of brain tumors. The report – coming from a government-backed group with annual budget of over $1 billion – arrives at an awkward time for the administration following an announcement by the Department of Justice this week that it will continue to prosecute medical marijuana cases against individuals in defiance of Congress.”

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