FBI Statement About Navy Yard Shooter Discredits Anti-ELF and Smart Meter Movement

Health issues associated with Smart Meters are well documented

Kurt Nimmo

“My ELF Weapon” message on Alexis’ Remington 870 shotgun. Photo: FBI

Legitimate concerns about ELF, extremely low frequency, will be inextricably linked to alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis following an FBI statement released on Wednesday.

“Ultra-low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this,” the FBI claims Alexis said in an electronic document.

In addition to this message, the words “My ELF Weapon!” and “End to the Torment!” were allegedly carved by Alexis into the Remington 870 shotgun used to kill 12 people in Washington, D.C., on September 16, 2013.

A month prior to the deadly rampage, Alexis told Rhode Island police people were talking to him through the walls and ceilings of his hotel room and depriving him of sleep with microwave vibrations.

“We have found relevant communications on his electronic media which referenced the delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves for the past three months,” Valerie Parlave, the FBI assistant director in charge of the Washington field office, told the media yesterday.

Nick Begich, a researcher on ELF and HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and others have documented the dangers of ELF and its use by the U.S. military.

“The United States military has taken advantage of the basic research which demonstrates the effects of various types of electromagnetic radiation. This research is being used for weapons development. These new technologies have been, in part, transferred to the United States Justice Department for use in domestic police actions,” Begich writes.

Moreover, the Centers for Disase Control and the Food and Drug Administration have warned about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from the variety of sources, including cell phones, video terminals, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has addressed problems associated with ELF, specifically electromagnetic, non-ionizing radiation produced by power lines, electrical wiring, and electrical equipment.

The FBI’s characterization of Alexis as paranoid schizophrenic who went on a murder rampage due to what he believed were the effects of ELF will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the growing movement against so-called Smart Meters, electronic devices that record utility consumption. Opposition to smart meter technology has increased over the widespread implementation of the devices and risks associated with their use, including fire and invasion of privacy and other security concerns.

Health issues associated with the use of Smart Meters include sleep problems, headaches, stress, anxiety, irritability fatigue, disorientation and other problems.

“Top health issues since the wireless meters were installed on or near the home (318 people) included sleep problems (49%), stress (43%), headaches (40%), ringing in the ears (38%) and heart problems (26%),” the EMF Safety Network reports.

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