Deutsche Bank Experiences ATM Failures, Double Posting Errors


Some customers of Deutsche Bank are having problems withdrawing cash from ATMs, and also experiencing issues in paying by debit card. According to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the bank, here are increasing reports of account holders unable to access their funds electronically, according to Der Spiegel.

A German bank spokeswoman first declined to comment on the problem, but later conceded that there was ‘a technical glitch’ in online banking. Deposits and withdrawals were sometimes partially displayed twice or not ready, the bank said.  However, the bank insisted that none of the these ‘double deductions’ have taken place.

These glitches Apparently slipped some accounts into the red due to the alleged double deductions.

“I could not pay by card. By double counting our account is in the red. Also I could not withdraw money, because our credit limit is not sufficient,” wrote a user on a Facebook.

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  • gmatch

    Deutsche Bank’s clearing system/major IT Systems are outsourced in India.

  • legal eagle

    They are not the only show in town; walk up to the teller window, close your account, and then walk over to the competition and open another one. Refusal to give you your money and close the account? call in the feds and charge them with banking fraud.