David Cameron’s Christmas Crusade: More Killing

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet Ministers are rigidly consistent in one thing — their inconsistency.

On July 20th this year, Defence Minister Michael Fallon was adamant when he told Parliament that Britain would not send ground forces to Iraq or Syria as their deployment would be used by ISIS as anti Western propaganda.

Fallon stressed that:

 … putting ground troops into Iraq or Syria would help the ISIL narrative.

It would help further radicalise its potential supporters by showing it was foreign armies being sent to deal with ISIL.

David Cameron weighed in with the need for “boots on the ground” — but he was adamant, assuring that these would NOT be British or American boots these would be “Iraqi boots, Syrian boots.” The arrogance of dictating the security arrangements of other sovereign nations defies comment!

Michael Fallon revealed that in spite of the British public having been assured that there would also be no British bombing in Syria he “confirmed to MPs that five pilots serving with British forces had been embedded with coalition forces carrying out air strikes in Syria in the past year”, specifically with US and Canadian forces. Moreover, Britain had seemingly sent illegal insurgents into Syria. According to the Daily Mail: “Some seventy five other UK personnel have worked with coalition forces on attacks in Syria, Mr Fallon said.”


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