David Cameron Confirms ISIL Is Defeating Democracy In The West

David Cameron told MPs that bombing so-called Islamic State in Syria will “keep the British people safe” as MPs debated the case for military action.

Of the 620 MP’s who voted, 397 voted in favour with 223 opposed. 66 Labour MPs backed the Conservative government in defiance of the party leader. This is a 64% confirmation from MP’s.

However, according to a new online polling organisation based on registered voters called voteScotland-England, a clear majority of Scots, 72 per cent in fact, are against air strikes in Syria. This group fear that an escalation of British involvement in Syria against ISIL will create more of a threat to Britain as a result.

In England, the vote was different inasmuch that those in favour of air strikes was 54 per cent. This group felt that military action is necessary to prevent ISIL terrorists becoming stronger in the Middle East and beyond.

At best, this poll puts the voters at 50/50 only if the undecided are extracted.

Just two days ago 75 per cent of full labour members were against bombing in Syria, with only 13 per cent in favour, the balance undecided.

According to the latest YouGov poll commissioned by The Times, it found that less than half of Britons support air strikes against Isis in Syria. It also found 21 per cent were undecided, leaving just 31 per cent voting for action.

Even the Daily Mail, a very right-wing paper who supported the disastrous attack of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya reported that “Public support for bombing ISIS in Syria has dropped sharply in just two weeks, with less than half of voters now in favour of airstrikes. A shock poll on the day MPs will vote on military action shows opposition to Britain extending its campaign against jihadist fanatics has waned since the Paris attacks. It comes amid mounting doubts about David Cameron’s case for launching targetted strikes against ISIS strongholds, as he pushes to secure a clear majority in tonight’s crunch vote.”


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