Armageddon: February 2008‏

By J A Blacker, Science Correspondent
RINF Alternative News

What level of lies, deceit , treason and down right inhuman behaviour do the United States of America & its NEOCONS elite practice?

Well, this is just a sanitized taste of the level of utter bile these so called allies exhibit, with friends like these who needs brutal & murderous enemies?

These Animals, PEAR & Chaney, along with the rest of his buddy NEOCON pirates, are directly, personally, responsible for the deaths of over 1 million people, men women & children, including our troops. The Neocons have mutilated many more & want much more blood – your blood!

This is the face of SATAN folks, the evil which the elite operate & are directing against ALL, included in that bag of filth are the TREASONOUS British establishment including and particularly the so called Monarchy. Depleted Uranium is supplied from the Queens companies & will kill millions more in years
 to come including UK citizens.

Watch & learn, for you shall be next if you do not WAKE UP!!!

February 2008 is earmarked fro the beginning of Armageddon folks, that is if we do not inform and alert the world Public!

Firstly, what did the NEOCONS know prior to gulf war 2 yet ignored:

Indeed the US deaths from the first gulf war was over 100,000 due to the Gulf War Syndrome, ie, depleted Uranium poisoning & other toxic effects of nerve agents & injections.

Now see how the Vultures claim no responsibility:

Look, don’t take our word for any of this – do your own research, but do it fast.