“95% of marketing efforts are flawed”


Speaking at the International School of Business and Media (ISB&M) in Pune, consumer behaviour expert Neale Martin has claimed that 95% of marketing efforts are flawed.

“One should become a customer’s habit, and not their choice. Today, 95% of marketing efforts are fundamentally flawed. Habit is not the answer to every solution, but it is part of every solution,” said Martin.

“For the past several years, I have worked on updating the principles of marketing based on cognitive psychology and neuroscience that reveals most of the human behaviour is the result of unconscious habits.”

During his talk Martin informed students that marketing consulting firms should make greater use of ‘habit-based marketing’ to shape and change consumer behaviour.

Neale Martin has been helping technology firms improve marketing strategies since 1994.

  • I think I see what Neale means by “habit” – forums are a good example. Tons of people, by habit, frequent their favorite forums and/or communities. Reddit is another good example. I’m not sure how habit comes into play outside of communities though. Lots of businesses sell frontend offers (ie quickfix products) that are more impulse buys, and habits never really come into play. People don’t buy those by habit. I’d be interested in Neale expanding on this idea

    • I agree John, it would have been nice to maybe get a video or notes from the talk. Neale has a book called Habit which probably expands on his theory.