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Is America Almost Done Being Suckered by Privatization?


Mounting evidence shows failure of outsourcing public services Sarah Lazare  RINF Alternative News A new piece in The Atlantic suggests that in cities and states across the country, more public officials are expressing “new skepticism” towards the privatization of public goods and services—a trend ...

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How the Obscenely Wealthy Are Strangling Our Democracy


Steven Rosenfeld  RINF Alternative News A new academic paper by Princeton University’s Martin Gilens and Northwestern University’s Benjamin Page has made national headlines by concluding that wealthly Americans almost always get what they want from the political system regardless of what middle-class ...

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US Militarism and Easter Day Disinformation on Iraq


Felicity Arbuthnot  RINF Alternative News We gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected round the world. —President Barack Obama, State of the Union address, January 24, 2012 As Easter was ...

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Propaganda alert: US and UN object to the holding of Presidential Elections in Syria


Cem Ertür  RINF Alternative News In a bitter irony, those who carry out “humanitarian warfare” in the name of “democracy” are committed to boycotting Syria’s presidential elections. Both the Obama administration and the United Nations are fully aware that the ...

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The Middle Class In Canada Is Now Doing Better Than The Middle Class In America


Michael Snyder RINF Alternative News For most of Canada’s existence, it has been regarded as the weak neighbor to the north by most Americans.  Well, that has changed dramatically over the past decade or so.  Back in the year 2000, ...

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Modern Cowboys In Nevada And Ukaine: Studies In UN Agenda 21


Rosa Koire  RINF Alternative News On the same day that activists met from all over the United States for a showdown at the Bundy Corral, soldiers from the newly minted Ukrainian army rode into eastern Ukraine to take it back. ...

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New York Times propaganda photos on Ukraine exposed


Alex Lantier  RINF Alternative News A day after the New York Times published a front-page report purporting to show the involvement of Russian Special Forces in protests in east Ukraine, its report, titled “Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia,” ...

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US Sending Paratroopers to Baltics As Ukraine Boils


Russia also announces new military exercises on Wednesday as diplomacy frays under tug of violence Jon Queally RINF Alternative News As the Obama administration publicly warned Russia against further provocative acts relating to the ongoing tensions in Ukraine on Tuesday, ...

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Anti-Semitic Fliers in Eastern Ukraine: Obama Endorses a Forgery, 300 German Intellectuals Support Putin


Diana Johnstone RINF Alternative News On Friday, April 18, President Obama voiced his righteous indignation over anti-Semitic fliers pasted on synagogue walls in the pro-Russian eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.  The fliers, calling on all Jews to register or face ...

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Obama: “Remaking the Middle East”: The American Gulag

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Prof. James Petras RINF Alternative News During the beginning of his first term in office President Obama promised “to remake the Middle East into a region of prosperity and freedom”. Six years later the reality is totally the contrary: the Middle East ...

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