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Gorbachev and Lavrov on US/Russian Relations


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News Since Soviet Russia’s 1991 dissolution, Washington tried imposing its will on all 15 former republics and Warsaw Pact countries. Wanting pro-Western stooges in charge. Turning independent states into virtual US colonies. Without sovereign independent rights. ...

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Too busy: War criminal Blair tries to dodge IRA inquiry

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.(Reuters / Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair claims his commitments as Middle East Envoy make an appearance at the inquiry into controversial Irish Republican Army (IRA) ‘comfort letters’, “challenging.” The letters were distributed under his premiership. The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has ...

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Israel’s Draconian Anti-Infiltration Law


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News December 10 is Human Rights Day. Commemorating “the fundamental proposition in the Universal Declaration that each one of us, everywhere, at all times is entitled to the full range of human rights, that human rights ...

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‘More could have lived’ at Hillsborough

Detail from the Hillsborough memorial (Pic: Ruth_W on flickr)

Ambulance staff said lives could have been saved if they had done things differently during the Hillsborough football disaster. Some 96 Liverpool football fans died as a result of a crush in 1989. Former South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service (SYMAS) ...

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Punitive Israeli House Demolitions

202472_a_palestinian_child_sits_above_the_ruins_of_his_ruined_home (2)

Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News Israeli occupation ruthlessly oppresses millions of Palestinians. For praying to the wrong God. For wanting rights everyone deserves. Including living free on their own land in their own country. Home demolitions constitute collective punishment. Against ...

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The Eve Of Another Banking Collapse


Lenin Nightingale RINF Alternative News During the American Economic Depression of the 1930’s, some bank deposits were devalued by 40%. In simple terms, this meant that deposits valued at $1,000 were deemed to be worth only $600. A plan agreed ...

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The Illusion of Debate


JASON HIRTHLER A recent article in FAIR reviewed the findings of its latest study on the quality of political “debate” being aired on the mainstream networks. It studied the run-up to the military interventions in both Iraq and Syria. Perhaps ...

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The Price for Criticizing Israel


Lawrence Davidson Of late there has been news about attacks on academic freedom, much of it the result of aggressive efforts by Zionist organizations and individuals to silence those academics they see as enemies of Israel. The latest example of ...

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Defending Dollar Imperialism

Thumbnail for 100722

Mike Whitney  RINF Alternative News “The Fed’s ‘need’ to take on an even more active role as foreigners further slow the purchases of our paper is to put the pedal to the metal on the currency debasement race now being ...

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Federal Reserve: The Birth of the Monster

Federal Reserve Building

The Federal Reserve’s doors have been open for “business” for one hundred years. In explaining the creation of this money-making machine (pun intended — the Fed remits nearly $100 bn. in profits each year to Congress) most people fall into ...

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Ignored Root Cause of Occupied Palestine Violence


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News Israel and America share full responsibility. Partnering in high crimes against peace. Longstanding. Unspeakable. Viciousness writ large. Slow-motion genocide. Washington supporting Israel’s killing machine. Operating unaccountably. Murdering Palestinians in cold blood. In one premeditated war ...

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Corrupt Politicians, IMF Loans And Foreign Aid


Lenin Nightingale RINF Alternative News External forces do not  enslave the masses of the world – they are enslaved by those from their own country who serve external forces. Leaders of countries which accept IMF loans are nothing more than ...

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The CIA and Drugs, Inc.: a Covert History


DOUG VALENTINE Gary Webb was a good investigator. He linked a drug dealer in Los Angeles, through Contra suppliers, to CIA officers and Republican politicians. His editor let the story rip, and the “Dark Alliance” series made a mighty impact ...

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