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George Osborne Continues Scamming The British Taxpayer


RINF Alternative News George Osborne has come under fire for refusing to share information about party guests attending his grace-and-favour country home. The Treasury department has refused to provide any information, claiming the Buckinghamshire residence is for “private use”. A spokesman said: “The ...

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US spending $7.5 million per day on Iraq

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Editor’s Note: If you believe a single word that comes out of their mouths, that is.  U.S. military operations against Islamic State in Iraq have cost an average of $7.5 million per day since they began in mid-June, the Pentagon ...

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Adidas Sneak RFID Chips Into Clothes


RINF Alternative News Sports apparel giant Adidas has admitted that it’s embedding RFID chips into some of its range of clothing. It emerged that the company has already sold thousands of football shirts that carry the controversial tags. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID ...

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#BlockTheBoat – The Israel boycott that works


Mariam Elba Earlier this month, after demonstrators spent four days peacefully blockading the Oakland port to prevent the unloading of an Israeli cargo ship, the Block the Boat for Gaza campaign has spread to the Port of Tacoma in Seattle, Wash., and ...

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Henry Kissinger Outlines Plan For New World Order


The following is an article written by corrupt globalist, war criminal and war profiteer, Henry Kissinger: Libya is in civil war, fundamentalist armies are building a self-declared caliphate across Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan’s young democracy is on the verge ...

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