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Penny Lane: The CIA's Double Agent Recruiting Station at Gitmo

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This satellite image provided by TerraServer.com and DigitalGlobe shows an image captured on Sept. 2, 2010, shows a portion of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, including the secret facility known as Penny Lane, upper middle in white. In the early ...

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Israel’s War on Palestinian Children


Israel's War on Palestinian Childrenby Stephen LendmanIsrael is a serial human rights abuser. It's one of the world's worst. It's war on Palestinian children alone reflects it.They're systematically abused unjustly. Up to 700 are arrested annually. Mos...

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7 Signs the National Outcry Against Walmart Will Lead to Big Changes

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Walmart workers are not backing down in their fight for better working conditions, and the nation is beginning to join them. “People across the country are starting to see the real Walmart,” said Q Knapp, a Texas Walmart worker who ...

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UN Official: Israeli Blockade Has Made Gaza 'Uninhabitable'

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A year after Israel ended its 8-day bombardment of Gaza, a UN official has warned that the blockaded territory has become “uninhabitable.” A street in Gaza City flooded with sewage water on November 14, 2013. (Photo: Reuters/Mohammed Salem) Outgoing Commissioner ...

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Wage Wars Continue: Thousands in Streets after Bad Deal Offered to Bangladeshi Workers

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Garment workers shout slogans as they block a street during a protest demanding higher wages in Gazipur November 13, 2013. (Reuters/Stringer)Thousands of striking factory workers took to the streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh once again on Thursday, following a weak ...

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Video: US Soldiers Stand By as Afghan Man Whipped, Beaten

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A still from the video which shows what appear to be U.S. Special Forces soldiers standing witness as a man, bound by his hands and ankles, is beaten by Afghan interrogators. (Screenshot) A violent video acquired by Rolling Stone journalist ...

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Dreamer activist deported after protesting US immigration policy

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American immigration officials have deported one of the dozens of activists taken into custody last month while protesting current US immigration policy. Rocio Hernandez Perez was one of 34 immigrants who attempted to cross into the US on September 30, ...

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For First Time Ever, Majority of Americans Say: Legalize It!

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Everybody must get stoned. Three years after Bob Dylan penned these lyrics, a scant 12 percent of the nation believed marijuana should be legal. On Wednesday national pollsters Gallup announced that, for the first time, the majority of Americans want ...

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Growing Clash Between Immigrant Rights Activists and Washington Power Brokers

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This fall, when Congress couldn’t pass immigration reform bills – even ones deeply unpopular among many immigrants themselves – one of the most important responses came from Oaxaca. In the capital of this southern Mexican state, a representative of a ...

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UN torture investigator condemns California prison conditions

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The foremost torture investigator at the United Nations has expressed concern over worsening conditions in prisons throughout the US and hopes to visit California facilities, where a judge has granted state lawmakers more time to reduce overcrowding. Juan Mendez, the ...

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