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Protest is a Right, Repression is Crime

Chelsea Manning in an undated file photo provided by the US army (Photo: AP)

CHARLES GLASS “Protest is a right, repression is a crime.” Written on a wall at the Escuela Normal Rural Raùl Isidro Burgos, Guerrero State, Mexico, where 43 students were kidnapped following clashes with police on 26 September 2014. Three people ...

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Obama and the Convention Against Torture

US and ARVN soldiers waterboard a North Vietnamese prisoner during Operation Wheeler in 1967.

STEVE BREYMAN On November 12—thirteen years after the onset of George W. Bush’s dirty underground war against “unlawful combatants”—the Obama administration finally told the United Nations Committee Against Torture that the United States believed, in the words of Assistant Secretary ...

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U.N. Presses U.S. on Torture Policies

Anti-torture demonstrators performed a mock waterboarding outside the White House during the Bush years to protest CIA use of the technique. (Photo: flickr)

Appearing today before the United Nations Committee Against Torture, U.S. representatives acknowledged that the country’s legal obligations under a major anti-torture treaty apply to certain places outside the United States. The position is a departure from the Bush administration’s, which ...

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Ireland protests against water tax

Protesters rally in Swords County, Ireland against a government plan to tax domestic water use. (Photo: Right2WaterIreland)

Over 100 demonstrations held across Ireland protesting austerity scheme to tax, privatize water supply Lauren McCauley Protest organizers Right 2 Water estimate that over 150,000 people came out to protest the water charge scheme. In a statement released Saturday afternoon, ...

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