Why the Western Alliance Is Ending


Eric Zuesse

World leaders – heads of state especially – tend to be tactful people, whatever else might be said about them. When they discover that one of their number happens to be incredibly arrogant and psychopathic (and some leading psychopaths are skilled charmers; they’re not necessarily blatant about their aggressive intents like Hitler was), they don’t generally publicize the discovery of this unpleasant fact, because doing so would be worse than tactless: it would be downright stupid – it would jeopardize lots of the interdependencies that nations have with one-another. It would be counterproductive.

A good example of how they receive such negative information about one-another was provided by a telephone conversation on 26 February 2014 that was between Catherine Ashton, the EU’s Foreign Affairs chief, and her investigator, Urmas Paet, Estonia’s Foreign Minister, whom she had sent to Kiev when Ukraine’s democratically elected (though corrupt, as were all of his predecessors) President, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown in a very bloody sequence of events during January and February of 2014, and the question she needed an answer to now was whether this had been a revolution (authentically resulting from the Ukrainian public), or instead a coup (organized top-down, by “someone from the new coalition,” meaning a person who was on the side of the coalition against Yanukovych, the coalition that now controlled the Government). In other words: As the EU’s Foreign Affairs chief, Ashton needed to know whether the pro-EU coalition in Ukraine, who now were in control there, were in power because the Ukrainian public wanted them to be, or instead because they had seized power through those violent and, as yet, hard-to-understand, clashes, which might possibly have been orchestrated by “someone from the new coalition.”

That “coalition” were the leaders who had hoped that Yanukovych would seek to bring Ukraine into the EU. Just a few months earlier, Yanukovych had decided not to do that, but instead to continue Ukraine’s 1,200-year relationship with Russia. (Kiev was known as “the cradle of Russian civilization,” and the origin of the Rus people – those were the relocated Norsemen who had moved east and settled there (which is why so many Slavs are blond and why Hitler was an incredible bigot for worshipping the Norsemen while he despised the Slavs). It was a choice between Europe to the west, or Russia to the east; and Yanukovych had chosen to retain Ukraine’s ties to Russia. Ukraine is the main transit-route for Russian gas going into Europe, and received fees from Russia for that; Yanukovych chose to continue this; and he received, from Russia’s Gazprom company, steep discounts on Ukraine’s own gas-needs, as a further inducement for continuing that relationship. Polls of Ukrainians showed Ukrainians to be sharply divided about the issue, with western Ukraine strongly favoring to join the EU, and eastern Ukraine equally strongly favoring to stay with Russia. (For example, see this poll.)

Here is that phone-conversation, between Ashton and Paet, annotated by me to explain what they were referring to, and accompanied with a link to the phone-conversation itself, so that you can hear it if you wish.

As you can see (and hear) from that, Ashton was shocked to learn that it had been a coup that brought down Yanukovych, but she continued right on with the conversation, to other business, as if to indicate, “Well, let’s take care of less-disturbing matters, now.” It was clear from the conversation, up to that point, that Paet regretted needing to inform Ashton that the pro-EU side was actually controlled by some scoundrel (as yet unknown), and it’s clear that Ashton was shocked to hear this; but, as Ashton made evident from her response, she didn’t want to discuss this matter any further. These were two seasoned diplomats, and they both understood that there was nothing they could do about water already “under the bridge,” and on its way. But both of them realized, now, that its way was anything but democratic. This was useful information for Ashton to have, in her professional capacity for the EU.

She probably entertained a strong suspicion, even then, however, as to who was actually behind this coup (as she had only now learned it to have been). A few weeks before that phone-conversation, this youtube recording of yet another phone-conversation, in which Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, blurted to the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, her infamous “F–k the EU” statement (which, of course, was also an insult to Ashton personally), included also Nuland’s instruction to Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in Kiev, to get Arseniy Yatsenyuk appointed to run the post-coup Ukrainian Government (1:10 on the video): “I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, the governing experience; he’s the guy, you know, who, what he needs is Klitch and Tyahnybok on the outside, he needs to be talking to them four times a week.” To which, Pyatt promptly said “Yeah, I think that’s right. Okay.” He had his assignment. 

This assignment ended up being fulfilled on 26 February 2014, just four days after the February 22nd coup. 

Coincidentally, on the very same day when Ashton heard Paet tell her that it had been a coup, “Yats” publicly received the appointment to run Ukraine’s Government, but not as Ukraine’s President (since the previous one had just been overthrown and such an immediate and non-democratic replacement of him would have been too obviously a coup), but instead as Ukraine’s other top post: Prime Minister. Obama wanted Yats’s sponsor, Yulia Tymoshenko, to win the election to replace Yanukovych as President, when that post was put up for a vote in only the northeastern half of Ukraine, the half that favored the EU and the U.S. over Russia. (It’s one of the reasons he had insisted she be released from prison from her corruption-conviction, immediately at the coup.) But she turned out to be too extreme in her Russia-hatred to be able to win even in just the northeast (the anti-Russian part of Ukraine); and, so, Obama had to settle for the slightly less racist-fascist anti-Russian, Petro Poroshenko, when he won on May 25th, and the Presidency was now downgraded to little more than a figurehead status.

Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, knew everything that was going on: for examples, both of those phone-conversations had been posted to youtube after having been recorded by Russian intelligence. So: he took the action that he needed to take in order to enable the residents of Crimea, where Russia had had its main naval base since 1783, to vote on whether to rejoin Russia, of which they had been a part until the Soviet dictator Khrushchev donated Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 – a move that was extremely unpopoular in Crimea. Putin enabled them to hold a plebiscite in Crimea on 16 March 2014, which was declared by international observers to be free and fair; and the result was 96% to rejoin Russia – virtually the same percentage that was shown in opinion-polls of Crimeans.

U.S. President Obama wanted to punish Putin for taking this defensive measure against U.S. aggression – against the anti-Russian coup in Ukraine. At first, the EU went along with the weakest sanctions that Obama pushed for against Russia, and they held out for as long as they could to delay the serious ones, until 17 July 2014, when the Obama regime in Ukraine sent up at least one fighter-jet and downed the MH17 Malaysian airliner over Ukraine’s conflict-zone and blamed it on pro-Russian separatists who had been bombed for months by the Ukrainian regime – the legend was that they had fired a “Buk” missile-launcher at the MH17 mistaking it for being one of Ukraine’s bombers. Not knowing that this had been yet another set-up job by the Obama-team, the EU now consented to join really stiff sanctions against Russia – on the theory that the downing wouldn’t have happened if Russia had not helped the separatists to do it.

But, then, EU leaders came to know that Obama had been behind this atrocity too.

What had started with Nuland’s “F–k the EU” was now the EU’s complicity with the racist-fascist, or ideologically nazi, anti-Russian coup-imposed Government that she and her boss Obama had placed into power in Ukraine. A lot of influential people in Europe aren’t as accepting of nazism as Obama quite evidently is.

When it became clear – after two successive invasions of the resisting Ukrainian region, Donbass, both of which invasions failed to do anything other than to destroy the region that Ukraine claimed to be protecting against ‘Terrorists’ via Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ or ‘ATO’ for short – that assisting any further with America’s take-over of Ukraine would be not only war-criminal, but likely to lose, they started falling away from the entire effort.

Critically important in this regard was a 21 November 2014 vote in the U.N. on whether to condemn racist fascism, and especially to condemn Nazi Germany’s World War II Holocaust against mainly Jews. Far-right racist nationalism has been booming recently; and, so, when the United States was one of only three countries – the U.S., Ukraine, and Canada – to vote against this resolution, almost the entire world was shocked.

Clearly, now, President Obama, despite his liberal rhetoric, is far to the right of the vast majority of world-leaders, and is an insult to the memory of the U.S. troops who died fighting Hitler in World War II. 

Among the first to abandon Obama on this, right on Christmas Eve, was Viktor Orban, Hungary’s leader, who was outraged at Obama’s treatment of Hungary as if it were a vassal-state of the U.S. Empire.

Then, on 3 January 2015, Milos Zeman, the Czech head-of-state, joined with Orban in that.

Those countries had experienced Hitler’s horrors first-hand, and they don’t like nazis, not even ones (such as Obama) who speak liberal platitudes and have dark skins (and so arent’ a fit for the nazi stereotype – but only for the Big Lie extremity of nazism).

And, now, it seems to be the majority of the EU who are resisting Obama’s contemptuous treatment of every other nation than his or her own.

Then, on March 12th, Iceland terminated its candidacy for joining the EU. The EU’s rightward bend toward the U.S. seems to have been a big turn-off to Icelanders – they won’t touch even the EU.

On March 13th, Ukraine’s figurehead President announced that he had reached agreement with “a series of the EU countries on the supply of armament”; and, the next day, Russian Television reported that 11 of the 28 EU member-nations had agreed to supply Ukraine with weapons. 17 refused Ukraine’s request for arms. 

Then, on March 17th, washingtonsblog bannered, “Major American Allies Ignore U.S. Pleas and Join China’s Alternative Bank” and reported that UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, France, Germany, and Italy, had all agreed to join China’s newly-forming international-development bank competitor to Washington’s IMF and World Bank. China, ever since the U.S. had started its Ukrainian proxy-war against Russia, has sided with Russia, against that war; and what this international conflict is really about is the continuance of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve-currency: Russia, China, and the rest of the BRIC countries – the rising developing economies – are seeking to replace the dollar-monopoly.

The Obama Administration has been twisting arms all over the world to try to block nations from signing onto China’s new world bank; and Obama’s getting rebuffed by all these nations, many of which have been traditional U.S. allies, is a historic turn away from the American Empire that he is trying to ram down everyone’s throat.

And, on March 20th, zerohedge bannered, “US ‘Isolated’ As Key Ally Japan Considers Joining China-Led Bank.” If this happens, then the American Empire will be all but over.

When President Bill Clinton virtually spat upon Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s historical heritage by joining with the Republicans’ war against Russia and inviting as many former Soviet-bloc nations into the U.S.’s now anti-Russian (no longer anti-communist; communism was gone) military alliance, NATO, as possible, and he even terminated the FDR-era Glass-Steagall Act requirements that had blocked the big banks from gambling with taxpayers’ money and from their keeping only the winnings and transferring onto the Government the losses when their bets go bad, Clinton started what Obama is now trying to culminate; and, finally, at long last, the world-at-large is clearly telling this anti-FDR, aggressively imperialist, U.S.A., to just shove its fascism down its toilet. More and more nations are saying, in effect: Good-bye, Uncle Sam; you’re not the nation you were during World War Two; you’ve instead become the global enemy; you’ve turned and become fascist yourself.

Among the few parts of Obama’s international rhetoric that are not fake, and that (because they are part of his anti-Russian propaganda campaign) express his actual fascist imperialist views – and which are increasingly being rejected – are these:

Bragging about his foreign policy, including his killing the Russia-friendly Muammar Gaddafi: “Wherever we have been involved over the last several years, I think the outcome has been better because of American leadership. … We are hugely influential; we’re the one indispensable nation. But when it comes to nation-building, when it comes to what is going to be a generational project in a place like Libya or a place like Syria or a place like Iraq, we can help, but we can’t do it for them.” [He pretends the U.S. is a big international charity.]

Telling West Point cadets that Russia and the other BRICs are enemies: “When a typhoon hits the Philippines, or schoolgirls are kidnapped in Nigeria, or masked men [that’s actually his own regime’s thugs] occupy a building in Ukraine, it is America that the world looks to for help. (Applause.)  So the United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed [he misspelled ‘past’] and it will be true for the century to come. … Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums. … America’s willingness to apply force around the world is the ultimate safeguard against chaos.” [Development of underdeveloped countries is ‘chaos,’ to him. Wow!]

To Wall Street’s CEOs, gathered in the White House: “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks. [The public are here analogized to the KKK; and the banksters are instead being portrayed as the Blacks whom the KKK are trying to lynch] … I want to help. … I’m not out there to go after you. I’m protecting you [against the ‘pitchforks’].”

Lies denigrating Russia and Putin: “Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. … The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. … The population is shrinking.”

His obsession to conquer Russia, as I reported it on 12 February 2015: “U.S. President Barack Obama’s just-issued National Security Strategy 2015 uses the term ‘aggression’ precisely 18 times, all but one of which are either explicitly, or else possibly, referring to Russia, as allegedly doing the alleged ‘aggression’ – never the U.S., and on only one occasion is he identifying North Korea with that term of opprobrium. Presumably, he thinks that Russia is by far the most ‘aggressive’ country. 

After the bloody coup that replaced Ukraine’s democratically elected President by a nazi regime a year ago; and after that regime, serving Obama’s need for hiked EU sanctaions against Russia, shot down the MH17 Malaysian airliner on 17 July 2014 and slaughtered those 298 innocent people and blamed it all on Russian-supported separatists, all in order to further Obama’s bloody designs, he now has the gall to accuse Putin of “aggression” for defending the residents of Crimea from the nazi regime that Obama had installed. 

And there’s so much other icing on this bloody cake. For example, Russia’s Sputnik News headlined on March 20th, “South Stream: Life After Death?” and reported that the Obama regime was caught trying to instigate a coup to overthrow the current leader of Macedonia, who is balking against increasing sanctions on Russia, and who wants Macedonia to host a new pipeline for Russian gas into Europe. 

And Sputnik News headlined the very next day, March 21st, “New OSCE Report on Ukraine Says Ukrainian Forces Obstruct Monitors’ Movement,” and reported that, “OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission said on Saturday it was denied access to an east Ukrainian territory controlled by Ukrainian armed forces.” Obama is re-arming his Ukrainian stooge-regime for yet a third attempt at exterminating the residents of the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the man he overthrew.

Obama and his stooges apparently think that they can get away with everything. And Republicans in the U.S. Congress complain not that he’s doing this, but instead that he’s not giving Ukraine enough weapons to do it.

And, all of this happened after Gallup international had polled 67,000 people in 65 countries in 2013 (and never again) on “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?” and found that the U.S. crushed the ‘competition’ on that, with three times as many repondents identifying the U.S. as compared to the #2 nation, which was Pakistan. Russia wasn’t even listed in the news-reports (and the poll itself wasn’t made public), because the news-reports listed only the top six-mentioned nations, and Russia wasn’t among them. No doubt, this was one reason why Gallup yanked the question from their polling during 2014, especially after all of the international mayhem (including the coup in Ukraine) that the U.S. perpetrated last year.

So: EU leaders are finally getting the message – and even Japan and Australia are.

When George W. Bush put together a coalition of English-speaking countries to invade Iraq in 2003, nuclear weapons (other than the depleted uranium that we showered down upon Iraqis) weren’t an issue. Now, they definitely are. And, more and more, the world’s leaders are trying to dispense with “the one indispensable nation,” so that they (and everyone) won’t be dispensed with, themselves.

It’s well-known that only aristocrats profit from wars. And O’Bomba represents them just as much as his Republican ‘opposition’ do. But, now, even the aristocrats in other nations are increasingly abandoning him. All he evidently still has going for him is liberal and Democratic fools in the United States, who haven’t yet figured out that he’s a Manchurian candidate, Trojan horse, ‘Democrat,’ who (like the Clintons) would have FDR twisting in his grave if only he saw this. Fortunately, Roosevelt isn’t around to see it.

President O’Bomba might become even more isolated internationally than he is at home, where there are enough liberal fools to keep him barely aloft, and enough conservative fools to keep alive the myth that he’s a Marxist Muslim.

The U.S. has become a nut-hatchery, and the foreigners (especially the leaders in the ‘dispensable’ countries) are beginning to notice. Even America’s former friends are no longer amused.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

  • Southernfink

    The three days before the MH-17 disaster Brics nations announced the release of their currency. BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency pool to cut out Western dominance

    July 17 – 2015 – MH 17 was shot down after needlessly having been diverted from it’s original flight path — moments later and without presenting an iota of solid and verifiable evidence Russian authorities were blamed, no solid and verifiable evidence has been presented to this day.

    MH 17 appears like a false flag event in the lead up to attempting neocon friendly regime change in Moscow.

    Russia now being capitalist simply isn’t good enough, the US only considers a nation a democracy after she has privatized her national assets.

    Not that the US is considered a democracy, far from it, no thanks to privatizing her own national assets she has become an oligarchy.

    August eight agreement MH-17 ‘Investigation’: Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps Out or why would you NOT question a suspect in a mass murder case is beyond me.

    Western News-Suppression about the Downing of MH-17 Malaysian Jet a must read !

    Since then, Obama openly admits ‘brokering power transition’ in Ukraine – change you can believe in…

    The decision by certain US allies to accept relations with the new China Bank appears more like they’re hedging their bets as opposed to acutally moving away from the US, both Japan and Australia have not told the US to move their troops out, in fact they’re still allowing the buildup, just look at Japan’s government decision regarding the expansion of US military bases Okinawa islands as well as the Australians willingness to accommodate US marines in the Northern territory as well as purchasing a fleet of drones and the mad announcement to go it alone in Iraq.

    Course what else happened, Israel started it’s bombardment of Gaza.

    • Gina

      As to the downing of MH 17, Putin was on his way back from South America. His aircraft has the same size & the same colors as the MH 17.
      Direct link to the appropriate part of the video:

      An Eastern Ukrainian talks about the Ukrainian pilot, Captain Vladislav Voloshin, who shot down MH17:

      This bears some consistency.

      • Southernfink

        IF Putin’s plane had been downed, there would have been absolutely no basis for laying economic sanctions against Russia, arming Ukraine and the buildup.

        Why divert MH 17 to fly over the same area and to immediately point the bone with the unsupported accusations that followed – but which did serve as the catalyst for imposing sanctions against Russia in the lead up to attempting neo con friendly regime change there.

        • Gina

          Why divert MH 17 to fly over the same area

          Oh, I forgot this. Simply abominable.

        • Ian Watson

          It is an interesting thought that they might have tried to use this to take down Vlad, if they had done, I would imagine much of Europe and America with Russia and China would be cooling glass by now as the Russians would have gone nuclear over that and they were already armed and poised at that moment too, with Perimeter systems on automatic, the Americans would have been torn a new one by the Russian systems and no one would have won.

      • danny j

        And, Putin was returning from signing an agreement with (among others) Venezuela to sell petroleum for non-Federal Reserve Petro-dollars and to open a new “development bank” to compete with the IMF/World Bank.

  • medicis

    I believe the author, Eric Zuesse‘s referring back to FDR is inapt. Roosevelt was a communist, he orchestrated the overthrow of the American Republic with his ‘New Deal’, essentially giving the productivity of the American People and all property (including the peasants) over to the Federal Reserve/Rothschild Banksters located in the City of London (its own principality, independent of London and Brittain)

    • Rocky Racoon

      Why would a communist give the biggest capitalists in the world all the resources of the country? Don’t you know that inherent in capitalism is accumulation and concentration of wealth not equal distribution and that is what is happening in this world? Your thinking is the result of counter intelligence operations by the CIA where black is white and white is black. Communism is the only answer the planet has in response to capitalism that is why they have you calling a goat a horse.

      • medicis

        All is through deception. Perhaps the better term would have been
        ‘corporatism’. Simply do the research and find out who financially
        supported the creation of the Soviet Union and what ethnic group mainly
        implemented it (along with torturing and killing off 66+ million of the
        Russian Christian peasants and Eastern Orthodox priests.

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Patrick Wood discusses TECHNOCRACY – and suddenly, ALL the pieces fit together: “The Dark Horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism, or Fascism. It is Technocracy.” The subjugation of HUMANITY by technology.

    Caravan To Midnight: Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood


    • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

      Patrick Wood co-wrote TRILATERALS OVER WASHINGTON, with Stanford Professor Antony Sutton. The book is about the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, created by DAVID ROCKEFELLER and Zbigniew Brzezenski. Enough said?

      • p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }

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        Compassionately At What Has Happened , What Is Happening, And What
        Will Happen, One Will Be Able To See A Strange Figure Standing Before
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        And Gives Every Promise Of Taking It Further On The Wrong Track. Deep
        Within What Is Happening Outwardly Dwell Those Three Shadow Thoughts
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        Whoever Learns To See That Figure In
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        Darkness As A Real Christmas Tree, And Lying Beneath It The Christ –
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        Something That Is Working Powerfully As The Deepest Meaning Of Human
        Evolution. The Light Illumines What We May Call The Birth Of
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    • p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }

      The publication of
      this book for the English-speaking world requires
      an introductory
      remark as dealing with Russia’s history and its
      connection with
      middle Europe – it touches in the main upon only one
      aspect of
      the European and American West. One could say that it is
      often a
      negative shadow or ‘double ‘ of the West that is shown in
      book —- which, however, has also influenced the development
      mankind in recent history.

      This circumstance does not alter the fact that the whole of
      English – speaking West has the crucial task of leading the
      cultural epoch, the period of the developing consciousness
      soul, which
      will run its course for another 1,500 years. It will
      therefore be of
      immense importance whether now and in the future
      the English –
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      spiritual leadership
      for helping all mankind to come to a new
      spirituality, or whether it
      will contribute to the possibility of
      a final fall into materialism.
      In other words, the central
      question is: Will the West promote a free
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      individuality or, alternatively, humanity’s
      entrapment in a
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      The second is a
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      Such recognition is in itself already the
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      future of the whole of mankind
      depends on the extent to which this
      goal is realized.

      The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe
      and the Future
      Mysteries of
      The Holy Grail by Sergei O. Prokofieff

    • David Mowers

      Technology is communism.

  • helen

    Is this Obama’s Final Solution for the ”White’ race”?

    When Obama came to power, it was like a black imperial presidency.

    Everything he wants and any information, planning, policies and strategies come from the ”white” officials (aka eunuchs in this case) surrounding him. He is thus controlled by the ”whites” and has no choice but to continue the agenda set forth by the neo-cons and the hawks in Washington.

    The eunuchs now control the emperor!

    The emperor is a puppet?

    Thus it makes no difference whether Obama is in the white house or the golf course. He is basically not in control. How he really resents being an emperor without clothes!

    Does Obama have a private, personal and final plan before he evaporates into oblivion?

    Obama may have his own personal agenda as he approaches the end of his presidency.

    Obama was born a Muslim and a black ethnic African (Kenyan) at that. (Note: his conversion to Christianity was out of opportunities and expediency in the United States).
    In general, once a Muslim, always a Muslim at heart. Just like most people of other faiths.

    Is he trying to take revenge on the ”whites” who had previously turned millions of Africans into slaves in the United States and that American ”whites” have slaughtered millions of Muslins in the Middle-East and elsewhere?

    By provoking Russia and initiating a Nuclear War with Russia, Obama would have wiped out all the ”whites” in Europe and the United States!

    Is that his insane desire before the end of his presidency!?

    Is this his last laugh on the “whites”?

    Is this his personal revenge?

    Is Obama a psychotic black Muslim at that?

    Of course, unlike what the Western mainstream media and some scientists claim, that in a nuclear confrontation, Mankind will cease to exist. This is of course not true. Many in Asia, Africa and South America will still survive. But Europe and North America will essentially be reduced to radioactive dusts together with all the ‘whites’. Essentially about one to two billion peoples will die. There is still life for the remaining billions on planet earth. And there will be also many mutants too after that!

    Thus the question still remains:

    Is Obama planning and implementing his Final Solution for the “Whites” in Europe and the United States!?

    • Rocky Racoon

      Your as crazy as he is a homo can’t be a Muslim.

    • Sounds very much like it, but why don’t the American patriots stop him

      • Ian Watson

        Because most of the Americans are spoon fed their news, fears, suspicions, their very thoughts even in what is one of the most indoctrinated countries out there.

        From birth most Americans (like the Israeli’s) are drum beaten into that America is superior, America is gods chosen land, America is almighty blah blah blah and we out here are all pretty shite, its almost a religious mania in itself and attach them colours to a religious mast and you got problems in convincing even the most intelligent that the world is a different one to the one they think it is.

        • David Mowers

          Right. Americans are told what to think by constant propaganda.

  • Obama is worse than Hitler Stalin and Mao tse Tung who murdered 80million chinese and was put into power by the Satanist Kissinger and Nixon who are working for more powerful Satanists like the Black nobility from Europe and their underlings Rotschild and Rockafeller.
    God Bless you Putin. You have courage which comes from Christ and the resr of these Satanists Live in fear. Never trust any Atheistic Western politician in fact no other politician as you never know when these people can try and poison you. It is time the KGB did a bit of underhand work. Why must the puppet CIA continue to do such evil and get away with their pro Nazi evil.

  • p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }

    As Christianity sought the soul in Judaism, so it sought the
    spirit in Hellinism. The Gospels themselves as transmitted to the
    world , have in the main passed through the Greek spirit.
    furnished the body. The essence of Christianity entered the world,
    with Christ Jesus Himself.

    We see the shadow of the Roman Empire in Roman Catholicism.
    This is not Christianity; it is the shadow of the ancient Roman
    Empire into which Christianity had to be born. In its forms there
    continues to live what had to be built up at that time as a framework
    for Christianity. But we must learn to distinguish the shadow of the
    old Roman Empire from Christianity. The essence of Christianity is
    not to be found in the organization of the Catholic Church, or indeed
    of any of the Christian churches. One sees in their hierarchical
    aspect what existed and developed in the Roman Empire from Romulus to
    the Emperor Augustus. The illusion arises only because Christianity
    was born into this body.
    In this sense Solomon’s Temple has also
    remained as a shadow. The Mysteries of Solomon’s Temple have –
    with a few exceptions – been completely absorbed into the Masonic
    and other secret societies of the present time. As the Roman Church
    is the shadow of the ancient Roman Empire, so what continues to exist
    in these societies – however strongly they assert to the contrary,
    even to the extent of excluding Jews – is the shadow of ancient
    Judaism, the shadow of the esoteric Jehovah – worship. Again the
    shadow must be distinguished from the light. Just as the shadow
    expressed in the perpetuation of the Roman Empire in the Catholic
    Church, in the Churches generally, must be distinguished from the
    light shining in Christianity, so the element into which Christianity
    had to be born as soul must be distinguished from the shadow that
    continues to work in societies founded on symbolism that is
    reminiscent of Solomon’s Temple.

    (The ancient world conception, the ancient world-wisdom had flowed
    into Solomon’s Temple; but it no longer held anything of what had
    made it great. Something new had to enter world evolution. And so in
    the course of time the destruction of Solomon’s Temple and the
    rise, the birth, of Christianity exactly coincided. Solomon’s
    Temple: a spatial symbolic image of the content of the cosmos;
    Christianity, comprehended as a time-phenomenon: a new image of the
    cosmos. Christianity is not something that appears as a spatial
    image, as in the case of Solomon’s Temple; one only understands
    Christianity if one grasps it as images of time.)

    The Greek spirit into which Christianity had to be born – in
    spite of all the beauty of Hellenism, in spite of its esthetic and
    other important content, in spite of the influence it has upon us-has
    left its shadow as the modern world conception of the cultured that
    has brought this fearful catastrophe (First world war) upon humanity.
    When Hellenism existed with its world conception, it was something
    different. Everything, dear friends, is right in its own time. If
    something is taken in an absolute sense, and carries on after it has
    become antiquated, it then becomes the shadow of itself.
    And the
    shadow is not the light; it may suddenly change into the opposite of
    the real thing. Aristotelianism still shows something of the
    greatness of ancient Greece. Aristotle in modern raiment is

    In How can Humanity find the Christ Again. By Dr. R.
    Christ’s Way of Passion was the enduring of the human
    karma of the Fall, that is, the path of overcoming the illusion of
    outward appearance and the elemental forces of shame and fear. Christ
    took this karma upon Himself and suffered it for Humanity as the
    representative of humanity. The words “He took on Himself the sin
    of the world”, are literally true for the debt of sin was
    discharged by the Passion of Christ. But in a still deeper sense
    these words of the Christian tradition are true : Christ took not
    only the consequences of human guilt upon Himself, but also the
    actual guilt itself. The sacrifice of Christ was greater than bearing
    the consequences of human guilt while he himself was innocent –
    Christ suffered the karma of the Fall of Humanity, not in the
    consciousness of His own innocence, but in the consciousness of
    guilt. His sacrifice went so much deeper in that He absorbed into His
    consciousness the guilt of humanity and experienced it as His own
    guilt. His love was so deep that He had identified Himself with
    humanity. He was the representative of humanity, not only as its
    Example, but also as its Conscience – a conscience filled full of
    the consciousness of human guilt before the Father. The consciousness
    of the innocence of Christ was to dwell in those about Him – in
    humanity – but it did not dwell in Him for he did not go to his
    Crucifixion with the consciousness of receiving injustice, but with
    the consciousness of accomplishing divine justice. The words, “It
    is finished”, handed down to us in St. John’s Gospel were spoken
    by Christ Jesus as He was dying on the Cross; they do not sound like
    a last reproach, condemning the injustice of human judgement, but
    rather like the solemn proclamation of the justice of divine
    Now, therefore, it is the mission of humanity to be the
    more deeply conscious of the injustice of human judgement and the
    innocence of Christ Jesus. If the content of the conscience of the
    crucified Christ Jesus was consciousness of the guilt of the Fall,
    then consciousness of the guilt of the unjust judgement and
    crucifixion of Christ will be more and more, the content of the
    conscience of all who wish to be Christians. It is neither
    sentimentality nor mystic rhapsody, but a fact of every clearly
    conscious experience in spiritual knowledge, that the judgement on
    Christ Jesus was pronounced by the whole of humanity, and that,
    therefore, the whole of humanity shares the responsibility of it. For
    all the forces of human nature took part in the judgement of Christ;
    representative characteristics of all mankind sat on the judgement
    seat at that time, and the result of their collaboration was the
    Crucifixion. It is important – and in the future will become more
    and more so – to awaken a consciousness of the fact that it was we
    who judged Christ. For just as it is true that in some form or other
    doubt, hatred, and fear exist in every human, so it is true in some
    form or other Pilate, the Council of the Elders, the denying Peter,
    yes even the traitor Judas, dwell within every human. And if their
    exists in humanity the Pilate-force, the force of the Council of
    Elders, the denier’s force, the traitors force, why should there
    not also exist in Humanity a consciousness of the guilt of Pilate,
    the Sanhedrin, of Peter, of Judas ? Are we to be held innocent merely
    on the ground that forces dwelling in us operated at that time
    through other individualities? And if we are to speak of those who
    were directly concerned with the sentence passed on the God-man,
    would it not be fairer to remember, in judging them, that Judas for
    instance judged and condemned himself, and Peter suffered the
    martyr-death of crucifixion, asking in humility that he might be
    crucified head downward because he was not worthy to be crucified in
    the same position as Christ …

    P29 Anthroposophical studies of the New Testament by Valentin

    From Early Articles by Valentin Tomberg.
    Condensation of
    Anthroposophy in the East.
    Goethe progressed on his path of
    experienced knowledge through the different realms of nature as far
    as an inner meeting with the Christ impulse. This meeting he
    describes in a grandiose manner in the last act of the Faust drama.
    But it was not possible for him to move on from a general recognition
    of the Christ impulse to a concrete comprehension of the revelation
    of this impulse in the historical figure of Christ Jesus. The
    greatness, the nobility of the Christ impulse, he could appreciate ;
    the mystery of the Christ Being becoming Man lived no doubt in his
    soul as effect, but not as knowledge.
    Another important
    personality was in a diametrically opposite situation toward the end
    of his earthly life. Vladimir Serjevitch Soloviev(died 1900) had,
    toward the end of his life, reached a deep knowledge of the Being of
    Christ. Not only did he bear in his soul a living consciousness of
    the working of the Christ Being – that is, of the Christ impulse in
    general – but also of the Christ Being,
    Himself. It is important
    to stress that Soloviev had not only reverence for Christ, faith in
    Chist ; but also understanding of Christ. The historical figure of
    Christ Jesus, the Mystery of theGod – Man in whom the divine and
    the human were united in a new Covenant – this he understood to a
    very high degree. And he understood this Mystery of the God – Man
    in the sense that he beheld in it the fulfilment of two archetypal
    cosmic yearnings : the yearning of everything perishable to take part
    in the immortality of spirit, and the yearning of the eternal spirit
    for complete revelation in matter. The Resurrection of Christ is the
    moment in cosmic evolution when these two yearnings – of matter and
    of spirit – celebrated their fulfilment ; for there the body was
    made spirit and the spirit was made body. It is not a “subjugation”
    of matter by spirit, not a “freeing” of the spirit from the
    “bonds of matter”, but is a reconciliation eternally longed for
    by both beings. And in this “reconciliation” Soloviev beheld the
    revelation of the eternal Son. The most essential thing which can be
    said in a short characterization of the spiritual value of Soloviev’s
    work is to stress the fact that he posessed an understanding of the
    Son as a Being distinct from both the Father and the Spirit. In the
    Resurrection was the most perfect revelation of the reconciling Son.
    His Body, having gone through the greatest possible self –
    renunciation and given over to death, became a revelation of the
    Father’s Will ; and the Spirit, having bent down deeply into
    earthly darkness, united itself with earth’s mortal destiny.

  • p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }

    The publication of
    this book for the English-speaking world requires
    an introductory
    remark as dealing with Russia’s history and its
    connection with
    middle Europe – it touches in the main upon only one
    aspect of
    the European and American West. One could say that it is
    often a
    negative shadow or ‘double ‘ of the West that is shown in
    book —- which, however, has also influenced the development
    mankind in recent history.

    This circumstance does not alter the fact that the whole of
    English – speaking West has the crucial task of leading the
    cultural epoch, the period of the developing consciousness
    soul, which
    will run its course for another 1,500 years. It will
    therefore be of
    immense importance whether now and in the future
    the English –
    speaking part of humanity will use its time of
    spiritual leadership
    for helping all mankind to come to a new
    spirituality, or whether it
    will contribute to the possibility of
    a final fall into materialism.
    In other words, the central
    question is: Will the West promote a free
    development of human
    individuality or, alternatively, humanity’s
    entrapment in a
    dependent and manipulated state? The former
    possibility is the
    great task of the West for the whole of mankind.
    The second is a
    temptation of power which emerges from the ‘double’ of
    true being of the English – speaking world, and which
    the biggest hindrance on the way to the realization of
    its true task.
    The parts of this book which deal with the present
    activity of this
    ‘double’ can help the western peoples to come
    to a recognition of it.
    Such recognition is in itself already the
    first step in the final
    overcoming of this disastrous, negative
    influence. To reiterate, the
    future of the whole of mankind
    depends on the extent to which this
    goal is realized.

    The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe
    and the Future
    Mysteries of
    The Holy Grail by Sergei O. Prokofieff

  • Ian Watson

    This is American “leadership” at its best and another massive own goal for the Yanks that nearly topped forcing the Ayatollah from Iraq straight into overthrowing the Shah which has to be America’s “defining” moment of idiocy…

    The original deal was thus: Ukraine would remain in partnership with Russia but gain partnership with the EU and would become a portal between Russia and Europe that would have strengthened the EU economy considerably and gained new markets for both sides, the Ukrainians would have won both ways and it was a brilliant idea.

    But America didn’t agree… The dollar repeatedly pounded into the mud was suffering and the only way to keep it alive was to make someone else suffer, so America insisted that the Ukraine could become part of the EU but it was an either one or the other knowing full well that the Ukrainians were unlikely to snub Russia and it fell in with their plans in trying to steal the Ukraine from Russia’s sphere once and for all.

    Like Hitler, the interim government didn’t just pop up from a box and start taking over, like Hitler, they were bankrolled by the US, the interim government were kept in a special site in Poland and readied for the moment and 5 billion dollars worth of revolution was put into play.

    Remember that it was American monied elite that bankrolled Hitler into power, this is their modus operandi and in every instance it has been used, it has majestically backfired usually.

    Putin however, knew this was all going to happen, he had his own double agents and the American’s so sure of themselves hardly kept it that secret, he put his own plans into place and as the Americans made their so they thought “clever” moves, Putin simply moved onto the next option in his list and he played the Yanks for the fools they were, managed to slice off the only bit of the Ukraine he wanted, got back his old naval base, snaffled the Ukrainians military assets and bases there, inherited the oil and gas rights associated with the Crimea and left the Americans reeling.

    If you think about it, Putin has majestically played America for years now, did no one notice the pattern of Iran, Syria and North Korea taking turns in being “threats” and off America would go, move its naval assets to threaten the new “threat” costing them billions a day to do so and then the threat would negate and up would pop a statement from Iran designed to make the Israeli’s squeal and off the US navy would trot to the Gulf, more billions wasted, naval ships pushed beyond their limit and now the US has about 1 operational carrier as all the rest are in serious disrepair. China has been in on this, it is to their benefit, America keeps asking for credit and giving China these dollars that its used to buy whole industries in Australia, America, Europe, China has been using these dollars to buy roads and railways in the US, docks and factories, mining concessions and real estate by the barrel and when the dollar collapses, the American people are going to realise just how badly their government has sold them out to play the world bully and with any luck America will be pushed into the long grass without a shot fired too and China with Russia will embark on their vision of a worldwide trading system and transportation network, America will have absolutely no say in what is to come.

    Will America do like Britain did and collapse as an empire quietly? Or will America die badly as an empire, that is the only worry on the horizon, America is still a nuclear power and we know there are some crazy people in the top, neither a Bush or a Clinton forbodes wisdom in this as both are pretty nuts and both believe America will win a nuclear war and we little people won’t have a say in this and hope that sanity will prevail.