War with Russia Now Much Likelier


Ukraine’s Leading Nazi Gets American Weapons & Support

news report from German Economic News, translated and with closing commentary by Eric Zuesse


Ukraine: right-wing extremist Jarosch is consultant to the Army leadership

German Economic News  |  Published: 06/04/15 00:00 clock

The Ukrainian army has appointed the right-wing Dimitri Jarosch as official adviser to the army leadership. His militias are officially part of the army — under the leadership of the independent Jarosch. Thus, the right-wing extremists also gain access to US weapons, and weapons that are financed by European taxpayers. 

Russia will interpret this as a threat.

The militias of the “right sector” in Ukraine are now greatly enhanced by this appointment, which was made on Sunday, April 5th. The chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muschenko, is thus incorporating the far-right militias into his army. Muschenko announces that the Ukrainian army has become one of the strongest in Europe. The soldiers of this army have proved that they know how to fight. [Whereas the regular army of Ukraine has, thus far, performed poorly, top to bottom, the forces under Yarosh’s control, and under his fellow-nazi Andrei Biletsky’s, have been on a par with the local forces of the Donbass, against whom they’ve been fighting. But now, with the military expertise of the nazis and of their American advisors, training everyone starting on April 20th (which is Hitler’s birthday), this will be a different war, and could have a radically different outcome, which will then force a Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially because both Yarosh and Biletsky are lifelong-committed to conquering Russia.]

The army appreciates the “contributions” of volunteer battalions because they have “rendered outstanding services to the defense of Ukraine.” Muzhenko says: “We understand that we need to increase the efficiency of the army at all levels. We are currently considering various issues, such as how the reserve army can be formed. We have united all patriots and defenders of Ukraine under one management. The enemy understands our unity and knows that his attacks will fail. We have the common goal of a united Ukraine. The army grows stronger every week.”

Jarosch said that this unity of command and operations is a prerequisite for further successful battles. The volunteer battalions of right sector are willing to integrate with the official Ukrainian army for that reason.

The Kiev Post reports that the right sector and other right militias will in the future function as an independently managed division of the Ukrainian army, which will be managed, directed, and commanded, by Jarosch.

For Russia, this is not good news. The right sector has so far refused to accept the Minsk agreements. The militias are considered particularly ideological and determined to continue the fight against Russia by any and all means. Whether the integration of Jarosch’s troops into the official Army will produce a significant rightward shift in the entire army is as yet unclear.

It is quite conceivable that the new American weapons could thoroughly fall into the hands of the extreme right. As an official army unit, there should be no problem for these forces to access these weapons. It is also conceivable that the Jarosch forces will additionally get weapons that are financed by European taxpayers’ money. Starting on April 20, will be military maneuvers in which the US Army will train these right-wing extremists.

The IMF recently granted to Ukraine a new billion-dollar loan.  Germany and the EU also grant Kiev considerable loans, whose use has so far been insufficiently controlled by the EU. Among other things, these funds flow into the construction of a border wall against Russia. [That will present a barrier in case the local Donbass forces need assistance from the Russian army in a clinch. It will isolate the Donbass residents and possibly subject them to slaughter.] 

Neither the US, the EU nor the IMF have expressed the slightest concern about Ukraine’s increasing control by the extreme right.


Additional comments by Eric Zuesse: This inclusion of the all-out nazis in Ukraine’s armed forces would not happen if it did not have the prior approval of the Obama Administration, which controls this government thoroughly; this government is entirely beholden to Obama for having brought them to power, and is beholden to the U.S. Congress for its ongoing financial support. This is a declaration of war against Russia, not only against Donbass – which has been under invasion from the coup-regime ever since 9 May 2014.

In other words: Obama now clearly wants war with Russia. Dmitriy Yarosh is committed to destroying Russia – it has been his lifelong obsession – not just committed to retaking Crimea and Donbass.

This is the follow-through to Obama’s February 2014 coup in Ukraine. This follow-through is a nightmare for Russians. They are now all mortally threatened by Obama and the U.S. Congress. Putin will, at some point, need to invade Kiev, unless this move that was announced on Sunday is quickly reversed. The question then is whether Russia will launch a first-strike nuclear attack against the United States, or instead just wait for the U.S. to strike first (and then attack back, if they still would be able to).

Obama is, now, certainly the worst President in U.S. history – even worse than George W. Bush. This entire confrontation was precipitated by him when he perpetrated the coup in Kiev in February 2014, which had been planned in the White House even before Yanukovych decided to reject the EU’s offer. In fact, the coup-operation was already under way by Spring of 2013, at the very latest. It was planned a full year before Crimea, under threat because of Obama’s February 2014 coup, held its 16 March 2014 plebiscite and joined Russia.

If Angela Merkel continues supporting Obama in his hate-Russians campaign, then the world is in for the worst time that has ever existed. The only thing that can stop it would be Merkel switching her support to Putin, and announcing that Germany must leave NATO and expel American forces from its soil. Short of that, we are heading into hell. And it’s all entirely needless. Andrew Krieg’s Presidential Puppetry makes a strong case that Obama has been secretly a CIA and American-aristocracy agent since very early in life, and that case just became a lot stronger today.

The question for Merkel now is: Is she also a nazi? Is Germany really going back to that? This time, the primary target will be Russians, not Jews, but the consequences will be even worse than before.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

  • Bruce

    U.S. : E卐CEϟϟ Of EVIL.

  • Earl Dresser

    Only stupid Russians would believe this trash, thank god there’s no shortage of stupid Russians.

    • The OGS

      The Russians are in stunned disbelief, hearing about all these Russian ‘invasions’ and ‘aggression’.
      THAT is “this trash” heheh… (and it is apparently ‘stupid Americans’ who believe it).
      The Russians are in fact quite different since they seem to have a much better grip on reality…

    • Manimal

      I`m not Russian and it is true, just as it is true that you ussa stupids have no idea where do you enter… How would you, decades of gmo&credit&tv have made so lazy and out of touch… Just a reminder to all the “nazis” (Adolf would personally shoot these creatures;-)), that he said that the better race won the WWII, so… And he wasn`t referring to you:-).

  • Earl Dresser

    I guess Hitler was right about one thing, a dead Russian is a good Russian. Come to the
    United States and try that shit, I’m sure that there is Russians here, come save them
    from prosecution. I’m sure we have enough body bags for all you freedom fighters.

    • The OGS

      Dresser your comment is not entirely lucid – I’m not sure what you’re saying.
      Hitler declared war and invaded Russia, who eventually and inevitably kicked his butt.
      Frightened out of his wits, yes of course dead Russians would be ‘good’, heheh…
      “Come to the United States and try that…”
      Well, it is in fact the U.S. that has come around the world to Russia, to make war.
      I don’t see any Russians invading Canada or Mexico, to weasel their Russian missiles right up against the American border… do you?
      If only the world had to come to the USA before encountering American soldiers, it would be a far kinder, safer, altogether better place!
      Which is sort of the whole point of this article, y’know?

  • The OGS

    And it’s all entirely needless! So true…
    Don’t the warmongering, dual-citizen neocons in America realize that they too, one day sooner or later, are going to have to come up out of their underground dwellings?
    What good will all their stacks and stacks of money be, once USA resembles Antarctica…?
    Do they not realize that one cannot eat money?
    If it’s really ‘power’ that they crave – is it truly better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven?
    Because Hell is what the world will be (and even Grand Cayman difficult to recognize, heheh).

  • Rocky Racoon

    I have followed reports of the militia’s They are called the punishers in that they are most proficient at attacking unarmed civilian’s and acting as a rear guard against the regular army standing behind them to shoot retreater’s. According to reports by the independence fighters from Novorussiya and the Donbas the regular Ukraine Army has fought bravely and honorably presenting a formidable force to contend with. Could it be that since the Ukrainian militias would not disband as per the Minsk agreement that this was the only way to bring them to heel. Will these punishers be able to handle regular military discipline and follow orders? I think over time these groups will be dispersed throughout the regular army, and subject to military discipline end up being charged for various crimes as well as going AWOL. As to the Wall that is to keep Ukrainians from fleeing into Russia where some million refugee’s have already sought protection and ran into the open arms of their Russian cousins. When you consider the forced resignation of Kolomynski the oligarch who was able to finance his own private army and now this folding of the militia’s into the regular army it would appear that Pornoshenko is dealing with the most right wing forces whose minimum program is extermination of Russian speaking population of the south indeed including War with Russia. Only time will tell how the situation on the ground unfolds. France Germany and the IMF can bring immense pressure on the Kiev warmongers practically making it impossible to fight a war without either money or weapons. The US risks a great deal going against the wishes of the major powers of Europe And if the rush to join the
    Asian Investment Bank is any indication of the direction that Europe is leaning is the US willing to wreak Europe like the jealous lover who determines that “If I can’t have her nobody can” Rather than hostile military confrontation it seems to me that the Asian pivot should consist of cooperation and joint endeavors’ to the betterment of human kind. It escapes imagination how the USA can claim superiority of any kind considering they spent some 17 trillion dollars only to lose militarily in Afghanistan, have nothing but chaos for their war in Iraq, have not been able to remove Assad from power in Syria handed over Libya to radical forces that actually do pose a threat to US national security. Unlike Midas who turned every thing he touched to gold, instead the US turns everything they touch to ruin making the situation considerable worse that what it was before they intervened, This may make Israel happy and serve their interests but I fail to see how these war have served American interests in the least. Instead what we are witnessing is the ruination of the America nation and it is a crying shame considering the promise that America once held out for not only it’s own citizen’s but for the world. Of course the reality on the ground in America has never matched it’s lofty altruistic professions but they were at least making progress. The best thing that could happen to America a hollowed out shell of what it tells itself and the world is exceptional is to collapse and start over again. Large social movements to deal with corruption that animates all aspects of the civil sphere in America from Finance to Pharmaceuticals to Farming need radical makeovers. Only the people en masse can assure that that American nation walks the walk that it talks. The character defect that Christ detested most was hypocrisy-the same goes for most people in the world American’s included. America needs to get honest first with itself and its citizens and then with the rest of the world-they would be astounded by the results that would get them. The sooner they start the better.