EU Increasingly Abandons Obama on Ukraine


Eric Zuesse

As reported on Saturday March 7th by both German Economic News, and Spiegel magazine, the ongoing lies and arrogance from U.S. President Barack Obama’s Administration regarding Ukraine and Russia have finally raised to the surface a long-mounting anger of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Government. 

This is especially the case with Germany’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who comes from Germany’s Social Democratic Party, which is far less conservative (and far less anti-Russian) than the Christian Democratic Union Party, Chancellor Merkel’s party. The CDU has traditionally been hostile toward Russia, but the SDP has instead favored an unprejudiced policy regarding Russia, after the breakup of the Soviet Union and the end of communism there.

Steinmeier has always been skeptical of Obama’s intentions regarding Ukraine and Russia, but now it appears that even Merkel is veering away from the United States on these policies. 

“Resistance to the US strategy toward Russia is growing in the EU,” reports GDN, which names especially U.S. General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s Supreme Commander, as the major source of this turn-about, because Breedlove has “exaggerated the military role of Russia in Ukraine.”

Spiegel provides the details on Breedlove, but especially blames Victoria Nuland, the Obama official who actually ran the February 2014 coup in Ukraine and who selected the person who would steer the new, post-coup, Ukrainian Government in the ways that President Obama wants.

Spiegel’s headline is “Breedlove’s Bellicosity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine.” GDN’s is (as auto-translated by Google’s Chrome browser) “Ukraine Policy: First open conflict between Germany and NATO.”

Spiegel notes that, after the second – which was the Merkel-Hollande – Ukrainian ceasefire was reached at Minsk in late February, Breedlove announced that “well over a thousand combat vehicles, Russian combat forces, some of their most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery” had just been sent to the conflict-region, Donbass, from Russia. “What is clear,” Breedlove said, “is that right now, it is not getting better. It is getting worse every day.” All of that was fictitious. 

Spiegel continues: “German leaders in Berlin were stunned. They didn’t understand what Breedlove was talking about. And it wasn’t the first time. Once again, the German government, supported by intelligence gathered by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency,” heard Breedlove lie and were shocked by it.

But Spiegel then goes on to subhead “The ‘Super Hawk’,” when describing Victoria Nuland’s role. Spiegel says there: 

“She and others would like to see Washington deliver arms to Ukraine and are supported by Congressional Republicans as well as many powerful Democrats. Indeed, US President Barack Obama seems almost isolated. He has thrown his support behind Merkel’s diplomatic efforts for the time being, but he has also done little to quiet those who would seek to increase tensions with Russia and deliver weapons to Ukraine.”

Spiegel has always tried to portray U.S. President Obama as being trapped by conservatives, such as Breedlove and Nuland, who somehow became parts of his Administration and who are, supposedly, independent actors in the roles that they perform – as if they weren’t instead his employees. For Spiegel, Nuland’s (and they spell it out there, so I will here) “Fuck the EU” statement, was only speaking for herself, as if she weren’t Obama’s hire, though Spiegel does note there that, “Her husband, the neo-conservative Robert Kagan, is, after all, the originator of the idea that Americans are from Mars and Europeans, unwilling as they are to realize that true security depends on military power, are from Venus.” Precisely why Mr. Obama selected Dick Cheney’s former chief foreign-policy advisor, Nuland, to become the person who would carry out his Administration’s polices regarding Ukraine and Russia, the ever-‘tactful’ Spiegel ignores. Instead, Spiegel goes on to say, “When it comes to the goal of delivering weapons to Ukraine, Nuland and Breedlove work hand-in-hand.”

Throughout, Spiegel ignores that Obama has been driving his entire Administration to marginalize, weaken, and crush Russia, and that this overriding goal of his foreign policies does not originate with his hires but with himself: he chooses these “Super Hawks” regarding Russia, because this is who he secretly is. When he plays the good cop in the good-cop bad-cop routine on Russia, it’s an act, which is designed to fool the public. Obama bombed Libya because Muammar Gaddafi was friendly to Russia; he bombs Syria because Bashar al-Assad is friendly to Russia; he overthrew Ukraine’s Government because Viktor Yanukovych was friendly to Russia; and he has been and is squeezing Iran because Iran is friendly to Russia. Israel is no different than the U.S.: it’s rabidly anti-Russian (and most of the large political donations to there come from American billioinaires; Israel is America’s 51st state, which has lots more than one-fifty-first of the power over the American Government – it’s the most powerful of the 51 actual states, even though it has no fealty to the U.S. Constitution and no constitution of its own); and both the U.S. and Israel are allied with Saudi and other Arab royals because they’re all anti-Russian. America’s ally is Saudi Wahhabist jihadist Islam, not the EU. America created Al Qaeda, and ISIS. Everything else than the obsession to isolate and destroy Russia is just an act, for the American aristocracy (including the ones who own Israel) – and especially for all Republican politicians and for the top Democratic ones.

Maybe the EU will finally decide that they’ve had enough of it, and invite Russia to join with them, and will tell Ukraine that they’re a bit too American for European tastes, after all: Europe has had enough experience with fascism and nazism, so that they don’t want to invite it back in again.

But will Germany actually do this? Will France actually do this? Have they had enough of Sunni jihad, and of Christian nazism (both just aristocratic ploys), to decide that they want no part of either one? Maybe goodbye, U.S.; hello, Russia? What type of Europe would that be? Might it out-compete the U.S.? Would it be the best thing for Europeans?

That’s the big strategic question in our time. And it’s not America’s to answer. Either Europe will go with democracy and peace and abandon NATO (i.e., abandon the U.S. military), or else it will go with nazism and war and abandon democracy (like the U.S. itself has done, especially in Ukraine).

Which will it be? Europe will need to choose between Russia and the United States. If it goes with the U.S., Europeans will become servants to America’s aristocracy – to the people who are now actually running Ukraine. If it goes with Russia, then perhaps a United States of Europe will become possible so that no nation’s aristocracy will have either the inclination or the ability to dictate to the governments of Europe.

Stay tuned. These are exciting times: the stakes for future history have never been higher.

It’s not really Obama who is on the fence. It is Europe. And the decision will be for Europe’s leaders – not for America’s, nor for Russia’s – to make.

They are in the driver’s seat, for Europe’s future – and for the entire world’s.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

  • clockworkelves

    I agree with the sentiment of this article but for one important detail: Obama doesn’t know enough about foreign policy to make any sort of informed decision about Russia. His marching orders are from Zbignew Brzezinski, an outspoken Russia-phobe.

  • whirlpeas

    Excellent article, as usual, from Eric. I just hope the EU leaders read it. The Ukrainian people must know the U.S. doesnt care about them dying, The US has never once said they were glad for a cease fire. The US wants to own Ukraine at any cost. They are doing this around the world without any concern for the human suffering and pain they cause. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afgan. and now Ukraine. Spying on the entire world for economic advantage, lying about it, torturing and no one goes to jail. US government is infested with criminals. These are all U.S. war crimes

    • cettel

      Thanks, I really appreciate that someone appreciates my articles. And your comment that, “the U.S. doesnt care about them dying, The US has never once said they were glad for a cease fire,” cuts to the core of why I write so much about what Obama is doing in Ukraine: the callousness of Obama and of his Administration and of the ‘news’ media that are just as psychopathic as our leaders are. So, I especially appreciate that this strikes you, too.

      I submit each of my articles to virtually all U.S. and UK national-news media, but 99% of them don’t publish any of them; even ‘news’ media that have published many of my articles critical of Obama and other Republicans (the ones that aren’t closeted) regarding corruption and Wall Street don’t touch any of my Ukraine articles. That’s the reason I keep focusing on this topic: the U.S. aristocracy, which control virtually all significant-sized ‘news’ media, refuse to report the truth about what Obama is doing in Ukraine (and why he’s doing it).

  • Southernfink

    Eric Zuesse has brilliant analytical skills, my hope is that European politicians will be able to match his.

    Everyone was doing better before the US imposed those economic sanctions against Russia without providing solid and verifiable evidence to back up their claim, they have a reputation for doing that quite often – many puppets follow suit.

    It’s all about the global take over, Ukraine is the staging point before Russia, then China, the rest of Asia, South America Africa and maybe not in that order.

    The US neocons have to be stopped.

    The scary part about some politicians are the ones planning on gaining lucrative appointments in the corporate sector, memories of Blair and 50 million in his first year as an adviser to the privatized defense industry, they were not negatively effected by the bad advice he was handing out, on the contrary they did a brisk trade.

    During 2008, the US pentagon spend in every 5 seconds period as much as an average annual wages.

    365 divided by 5 seconds works out at just over 6.3 million.

  • jarhead1969

    I agree with the majority of this article but with some very serious qualifications and additions. Lets first go back some:
    – Bush and his neo-cons in 1990 and shortly before had planned to attack several Middle Eastern countries in a meeting that produced PNAC, “The Project For a New American Century”. PNAC was planned to use the might of America to attack and occupy these countries both move closer to Russia and to make way for the proposed oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Israel, by which Israel would control the tap and the prophets. Former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O’Neal who was present at this meeting and later General Wesley Clark both revealed that the Administration intended to move on several Middle Eastern countries, to install puppet governments, make way for the above oil pipeline and to acquire the wealth and oil in the same countries, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iran. However, excuses would be needed to launch these attacks thus:
    – Ambassador to Iraq, Gillespie, (spell?), was asked by Saddam if it was ok with the President of the United States, to attack Kuwait, as they had been warning them for years to stop slant drilling their oil at their border. Bush ordered Gillespie to tell Saddam it was none of our business, go ahead – two days later we declared war on Iraq.
    – Next they needed Afghanistan: A committee consisting of representatives of the State Dept. and Halliburton had a meeting with the Taliban on acquiring the rights to both their oil and a pipeline though their country from the Caspian Sea, the Taliban told them to get lost and they threatened them that they would “bomb them to kingdom come”. Then they needed an excuse to attack Afghanistan which resulted in 9/11, which was done by a consortium or rather a “rogue” element that was and still is operation within the CIA and American Intelligence Agencies, which consists of KGB, MOSSAD and other rogue elements. The KGB heavily infiltrated the CIA in 1944-45 while working with the OSS, later called the CIA, during WWII. The MOSSAD infiltrated the CIA later in the late 1950’s and are affiliated with International Bankers (Judeo/Freemasonry) and Israel. Along the way other criminal elements joined for profit or gain to give us a large powerful “rogue” insider agency within our government and Intelligence agencies.
    Osama bin Laden fled to Afghanistan after being accused of being behind 9/11 and later died while undergoing kidney dialysis ten years ago. The Taliban offered to surrender him to European NATO authorities but the U.S. needing an excuse to attack, demanded he only be surrendered to the U.S. and/or we attack. Again, after a meeting in the White House, Bush Jr. was heard to say that we need an excuse to attack Afghanistan, which was then found with Osama bin Laden.
    Obama made it into the White House with Marxist help, coming from both the KGB, Bill Ayers and his connections. Obama, who is a Muslim, whose wedding ring has an inscription in Arabic on it which says “There is no god but Allah”, took as his closed advisor, a close friend of Communist Bill Ayers, Valerie Jarret, who is an Iranian Muslim. Marxist elements are mostly Jewish, both Russian and Israeli.
    Now, we have the Jewish element, the neo-cons, the war mongers wanting to not only obtain all the oil and riches of the Middle East and East (Ukraine, etc), but to contain Russia and China for the inevitable WWIII that is coming soon. However, Obama must and is doing all he can to put obstacle’s in the way, to protect Russia and Islam as much as possible without showing his cards, so to speak.
    Thus the neo-cons and Israel’s efforts to occupy the Ukraine, Georgia and the east. Both parties in the Ukraine are run by Jewish Oligarchs, the President and both major elements in the Ukraine who have large personal armies at the disposal of the President are Jewish. In Israel and in the U.S. is a movement by Jews to establish a “New Jerusalem” within the Ukraine and particularly in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Arguments are now surfacing in the Israeli press on this attempt and on the origin of the Khazar Jews, who originated in the Eastern Ukraine.
    It’s all about oil, pipelines, profit, International Bankers, a “New Jerusalem” and containing Russia at the same time.
    Russia and China have been preparing to attack Western Europe and America around 2019, or thereabouts. However the greed of the West and the above revelations have caused Russia to possibly move up its schedule although they have not completed their plans as of yet, they might be forced to attack before they are ready, which would be good for us, so to speak.
    I suggest all read the “Speech given by the Chinese Minister of Defense in 2005) and note the following: Customs and the FBI have revealed that they estimate over 200,000 Spetzanz Russian Special Forces have infiltrated into the United States via Alaska and Canada just in the last year or two. Five Western deep water ports and two Eastern ports have recently intercepted multiple containers of heavy weapons, ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles in Russian and Chinese

    • jarhead1969

      continued – missiles in Russian and Chinese cargo ships. Russia is attempting at the same time to use the Ukrainian and Georgia troubles to move its forces closer to Western Europe and to get a stronger hold on the Crimea Naval Base for later operations. It’s complicated but let me end with this:
      – Sister Lucia of Fatima said April 7, 1990: Russia will attack both Europe and America.
      – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961), Italian mystic and stigmatic, revealed from her visions in 1959-60: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and will attack America with her “secret” armies, i.e. Obama’s DHS, militarized government agencies and the incoming Russian and Muslim troops.
      – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.
      – Read well Catholic prophecie: WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe – here reputable Catholic mystics have warned of the massive surprise Russian attack on the West and America.
      – Read: The prophecies of Alois Irlmaier: Austrian mystics whose integrity was attested to by the Government of Austria itself.
      There are many of these prophecies that warn that God is going to chastise us severely by letting our enemies punish us, for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress, pornography, etc, but mostly for the abandonment, the apostasy of the hierarchy of the Church from the faith, who have led the people away from God and attempt to make a new god constructed of our own passions, vices, desires and lusts. When all seems lost, when over half or more of the world are dead, when both the Church and world seem doomed, then, and only then, when God’s justice has been appeased, they He will intervene and turn the tide and then “Russia will burn”. Read well the prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello and others, with only a few mentioned here, many more describe the massive surprise Russian attack on the West, a Western world that deserves a serious punishment, a world that has lost its moral compass and abandoned God for a pagan god of our own making.
      There are no good guys here, none represents virtue or honestly, all have abandoned God.
      America gets attacked from six sides: Alaska, Minnesota (internal Russian and Muslim elements), Pennsylvania (coastal infiltration), Mexico (which sides with Russia), Florida (Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, and other S. American Marxist countries who all side with Russia) and California (one million man Chinese amphibious landing on the West Coast) again read the above speech of the Chinese Minister of Defense.
      Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), who in 1888, was shown WW1, WW2, and WW3 in detail, reveals the three pronged attack on Western Europe by Russia in WW3. 1. Russia attacks and overwhelms the Scandinavian countries (and just recently they have complained of mock attacks by Russian forces on their territory) – 2. Russia attacks through Eastern Germany towards France and Spain. (thus the need for the Ukraine). 3. Russia attacks though and with Iran to Greece and Turkey then to Italy, defeating them all. Note, among others, Pope St. Pius X had a vision in which he say a future pope (not this one) “of like name” fleeing over the bodies of his dead brethren in the Vatican as the Russians hoisted their flag over the Vatican. St. John Bosco, had a vision of Russians drinking at the Vatican fountain while attacking Italy, and so have many others.
      We win in the end, but all the enemies of God, His Church and our country, every single one, say the mystics, both those within and without, are all annihilated, but the fight will be fierce and hard and at first seemingly impossible until God turns the tide, so to speak.

      • egoigwe

        What on earth have you been smoking my man? That war-pipe was made during the cold war era, get rid of it!

        • jarhead1969

          Lets review just a little, starting out with Russia and Communist defectors, writers and intellectuals.
          – KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn: ” Principle author of Russia’s Long Term Strategic Planning” who also authored and planned Russian Interior Military and Intelligence re-organization. Also, author of “The Perestroika Deception” and “New Lies for old”
          – GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev: Former Officer in Charge of Russia’s North American Intelligence and Espionage.
          – Major General Jan Sejna: Former Chech Communist Officer
          – SRV Colonel Sergei Tretyakov (Russian Foreign Intelligence Officer)
          – Yuri Bezmenov: KGB Propaganda Journalist
          – GRU Captain Viktor Suvorov: Russian Military Expert on Intelligence and Russian Special Forces.
          – Colonel General Leonid Ivashov: Vice President of the Academy of Political Affairs.
          – Pete Bugley: CIA
          – Don McAlvany: Former CIA, editor of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor.
          – Admiral Jame “Ace” Lyons, Ret: On Muslim and Soviet Infiltrators in the White House.
          – Tennent H. “Pete” Bagly, CIA, Chief of Counter Intelligence: “Spy Wars: Moles, Mysteries and Deadly Games”, on the infiltration of the Russians into American Intelligence.
          – Buckar: Czechslovakian political refugee: On the Infiltration of Russian Agents into American Government.
          – Diana West: Author “American Betrayal”: Excellent and exhaustive investigation and expose of Russian infiltration into American Intelligence and Government – of the real intentions of Russian aggression.
          M. Stantos and Herbert Romerstein: Authors on Soviet Infiltration.
          And I could go on and on with literally dozens of former State Dept. Officials, Military Officers, former Military and Government Intelligence Officers, tens of dozens of authors who have done serious inquiry and research with notes and references which are unquestionable. Dozens of Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, and Polish Military, Intelligence Officers, Government Officials, Authors, Intellectuals. etc.
          All these above and more, exposing the intention of Russia to eventually attack and destroy America.
          Please read the secret “2005 Speech, by the Chinese Minister or Defense” to Chinese Military and government officers and “Soviet Moles In the CIA: Part 1 and 2, which gives he beginning of a massive Soviet infiltration into the CIA in 1945 and continues today, with now a “rogue” enemy element that has taken charge of our foreign intelligence along with the MOSSAD who infiltrated into the CIA in the late 1950’s and make cause with the Soviets.
          The integrity of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s two books, New LIes for Old and The Perestroika Deception, is now so evident that one has to be an idiot not to see it – that near 90% of all that he warns back in the 1980’s has now come into effect – he warned years before of the taking down of the Berlin
          Wall and Soviet peace initiative and their real intentions.
          Read Gorbachevs speech to the Russian Duma before he stepped down, how Russia will eventually defeat America and the West, that war was inevitable, that they will lull America and the West to sleep. Gorbachev also reveals to the Duma how they, Russian Strategy to defeat the West,
          was rapidly advancing as they had adopted “Gramski’s”: method to defeat the West, although they had being using that method for years, they were now putting more emphasis on Gramski’s details which was to “take God out of America”, to destroy the moral compass of America – i.e. promote homosexuality, abortion, contraception, pornography, etc.
          Now much of the above comes from good authority, high ranking American and Russian defectors, even Russian Generals and State Dept. Officials papers and secret meetings have come out in the open discussing the coming attack on America.
          Although many might ignore or laugh at dozens of Catholic mystics, stigmatics, visionaries, etc. they too detail the coming massive surprise attack on the West by Russia. Recently, Polish, Lithuanian, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, and other Baltic countries, even some Balkan countries have complained that Russia is preparing to attack given their increasing and unprecedented mock attacks just recently on their countries in military exercises and the moving or troops and equipement near their borders.
          All in all – one, like yourself, who is unread, absolutely intellectually challenged in the subjects here mentioned, who reads a few blogs and listens to our Marxist media, a product of our dumbed down Marxist public education – who has done no where near any serious inquiry, research or investigation; becomes or is just a ” USEFULL IDOIT”.

          • egoigwe

            Oh la la! Getting a bit frisky are we? You, my dear, are seriously aberrant and diminished. Every single person on your list of communist defectors, writers and ‘intellectuals’ were driven in their pursuits by glaring ulterior motives and in other instances by a misplaced sense of ‘national betrayal’ and hurt. KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn was a well known CIA asset but I prefer the word mole. When you say communist defectors, how so and why? Where did they defect to? At what price? Did it not occur to you that mouthing off the way they did in their publications and interviews against their fatherland was a price they had to pay for their acceptance into those societies they targeted for a new life? The politically correct thing to do for asylum?

            Looking at the positions they held within their home governments, where others came from and the kind of language deployed to denigrating their fatherland and ‘comrades’ does nothing but to highlight their propaganda value, during and after the cold war. It was all an exercise in self preservation for them. Currency with which they paid their fare into exile. You are choking on that MSM Kool-Aid dear friend. It is pretty clear to me you have done no research whatsoever, all you have done is cut and paste referrals from some junk propaganda piece the MSM has been promoting and flinging around.

            You may have quite unwittingly shown yourself off as the useful idiot here. It perplexes to see how literally you have taken cold war propaganda and post cold war spin for facts! Just listen to you “Russian Strategy to defeat the West,was rapidly advancing as they had adopted “Gramski’s”: method to defeat the West, although they had (sic) being using that method for years, they were now putting more emphasis on Gramski’s details which was to “take God out of America”, to destroy the moral compass of America – i.e. promote homosexuality, abortion, contraception, pornography, etc.” Good Lord!!! Paranoia cannot begin to describe your state of mind.

            One thing you sure got right, I do laugh at Catholic mystics, stigmatics, visionaries, etc who detail the coming massive surprise attack on the West by Russia. I find it not just curious but bewildering that whereas you can bring yourself to believe such crap you do not seem to have any faith whatsoever in the capacity of Homeland Security, NSA and a host of other agencies to detect such a surprise attack. Why is that? It can’t be all that secret if you know about it, can it? You are, to put it mildly, quite the exceptional alarmist.

            You flaunt a speech given by a disgraced and humiliated Gorbachev being chased out of power by the West as gospel? You refer to statements issued by former U.S State Dept. Officials, Military Officers, former Military and
            Government Intelligence Officers as references which are
            unquestionable? What in the world do you thing they are paid to do? You sing with repetitive chorus about Polish, Lithuanian, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, and other Baltic countries complaining that Russia is preparing to attack. Really? Nato members and wanna-be members? What did you expect them to say? Now, dear friend, go ahead and tell me about being unread, intellectually challenged, stupid and ignorant. When one is endowed with peas for brains, it really does show.

  • Bruce

    NO, FUCK YEU, Nuland!

  • richman

    Brilliant article and one of the best I have read in a good while. I hadn’t thought of Russia joining the EU. This is good idea so long as it doesn’t lead to more war. Hopefully it will prevent the one that the US is trying to foment with Russia.

  • legal eagle

    Assuming that it is true and not just another liar’s puff piece then the EU is being quite the hypocrite as they are just as responsible for the Ukraine fiasco as the US is as they are the ones who planned, financed and executed the coup that deposed a democratically elected government and replaced it with an unelected puppet regime.
    What is somewhat ironic is that usually it is the US that bails on their co-conspirators in misdeeds, not the other way around.

    • egoigwe

      Huh? Co-conspirators??? America doesn’t co-conspire with no-one, it sits at the head of the table and commands it to be so.

  • helen

    Is this Obama’s Final Solution for the ”white’ race”?

    When Obama came to power, it was like a black imperial presidency.

    Everything he wants and any information, planning, policies and strategies come from the ”white” officials (aka eunuchs in this case) surrounding him. He is thus controlled by the ”whites” and has no choice but to continue the agenda set forth by the neo-cons and the hawks in Washington.

    The eunuchs now control the emperor!

    The emperor is a puppet?

    Thus it makes no difference whether Obama is in the white house or the golf course. He is basically not in control. How he really resents being an emperor without clothes!

    Does Obama have a private, personal and final plan before he evaporates into oblivion?

    Obama may have his own personal agenda as he approaches the end of his presidency.

    Obama was born a Muslim and a black ethnic African (Kenyan) at that. (Note: his conversion to Christianity was out of opportunities and expediency in the United States).
    In general, once a Muslim, always a Muslim at heart. Just like most people of other faiths.

    Is he trying to take revenge on the ”whites” who had previously turned millions of Africans into slaves in the United States and that American ”whites” have slaughtered millions of Muslins in the Middle-East and elsewhere?

    By provoking Russia and initiating a Nuclear War with Russia, Obama would have wiped out all the ”whites” in Europe and the United States!

    Is that his insane desire before the end of his presidency!?

    Is this his last laugh on the “whites”?

    Is this his personal revenge?

    Is Obama a psychotic black Muslim at that?

    Of course, unlike what the Western mainstream media and some scientists claim, that in a nuclear confrontation, Mankind will cease to exist. This is of course not true. Many in Asia, Africa and South America will still survive. But Europe and North America will essentially be reduced to radioactive dusts together with all the ‘whites’. Essentially about one to two billion peoples will die. There is still life for the remaining billions on planet earth. And there will be also many mutants too after that!

    Thus the question still remains:

    Is Obama planning and implementing his Final Solution for the “Whites” in Europe and the United States!?

  • PJ London

    Eric, I see the situation slightly differently.
    It is not about “democracy and principles”, it is about empires and survival in the years to come.
    The Anglo-American-Israel (AAI) empire is in decline, as the credit on which it is based cannot ever be repaid. Europe, Korea, Japan are tightly connected to AAI through trade and defence agreements, which hang over from WW2. Central and South America, India and China are less tied, but have (had) large dependency on US trade. and UK finance.
    Any who kicked back against the AAI (Cuba, Iran, South Africa, Nicaragua, Guatamala, [Kuwait], Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya et al) were severely punished and the rulers – leaders overthrown and destroyed. Any who went along, Saudi, Taiwan, Kuwait 2, Georgia, Turkey were rewarded with trade and guaranteed support for their regime regardless of the quality.
    BRICS changed the trade world. The loosely aligned states are moving toward a fairer trading partner as represented by BRICS. Then they started agreeing on some principles of government and intervention, Territorial integrity, non-interference. no incursions without population existential threats. The fact that these concepts were sometimes put aside for pragmatic reasons, is incidental to the continued performance.
    When AAI lost its’ invincibility, Hezbollah in Lebanon, US in Iraq, NATO in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Georgia, the world started quietly but surely rethinking how and where to take back their sovereignty from the AAI.
    When Sanctions have crippled but not killed, Iran, Cuba, N Korea, the rest start to wonder, “so what, if AAI is p*ed off, what is the worst that can happen. Could we have friends in other areas, could we in fact be better off with friends in other areas?”
    Europe is the current “country” wondering if they would not be better off in a Lisbon to Vladivostok – to Beijing – to Chennai – to Delhi – to St petersburg – to Cape Town and Kuala Lumpur trade empire. No bosses just trade. No interference, just trade. No political intolerance of other countries, just trade. And by the way here is how we set -up the infrastructure, and here are some simple agreements, and here is a bunch of US “IOUs” to fund the start up.
    Europe is looking 5 – 10 years ahead and seeing a different world to the current AAI dominated present. They are hedging their bets and starting to move away from the confrontation.
    The EU “Army” is not about protecting the EU from enemies, but distancing it from NATO involvement in the coming death throes of the AAI.
    Ukraine and the “Pivot to China” is trying to intimidate the BRICS from resistance. Europe is wanting to keep clear.

  • Gina

    Throughout, Spiegel ignores that Obama has been
    driving his entire Administration to marginalize, weaken, and crush
    Russia, and that this overriding goal of his foreign policies does not
    originate with his hires but with himself: (emphasis added)

    Reporting in this half-hearted manner is simply being complicit in the comedown of the whole matter.

  • WarIsaRacketBySmedleyButler

    I’m not so sure the Zionists hate Russia……look at who the Oligarchs are in that country……look at the power of the Jewish mafia in Russia.