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The U.S. Is Now a ‘Third World’ Country

American Eagle

4.3% of Americans Survive on Less than $2/Day –  That’s Considered Poor in Even the Poorest Lands Eric Zuesse RINF Alternative News Slightly more than one American household with children in every 25 is surviving on less than $2 per ...

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Our ‘Enemies’ in Ukraine Speak

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Eric Zuesse  RINF Alternative News America’s ‘news’ media do not let the victims of Ukraine’s civil war — the people who are dying and being driven out from the southeastern regions of that country by the new Ukrainian Government — ...

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Why I Quit the [U.S.] Democratic Party Yesterday


Eric Zuesse  RINF Alternative News I draw the line at racist fascism, otherwise known as ‘nazism’ (lower-case ‘n,’ just as lower-case ‘f’ ‘fascism’ refers to any fascist party of any country, rather than to the Italian original, ‘Fascist Party’). (The ...

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